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5 Accountancy Cuties to Motivate You

Others are taking the time off and doing their thing – maybe doing nothing at all because it is semestral break, dude! But there are still students who need to study, just like the sophomore students of Far Eastern University – Makati majoring in Accounting Technology who will be taking their qualifying examination. Once they pass the quali, they are now Accountancy students and that’s a step closer in their dream towards becoming the next trustworthy Certified Public Accountants.

It may be way too selfish not to help your friends review — maybe by just merely supporting your friends, giving words of encouragement or sending prayers will help. However, are those enough?

Sure you can get motivation from all the books, songs and movies you love but isn’t it great when it comes from a person right under your nose? Some of my friends asked for some tips and advice before and during the qualifying exam. Uhmmm… I wasn’t able to take it and so I guess I do not have the right to motivate you haha.  Well sure I can give encouraging words but it is better if it comes from someone who’s been there real time.

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Getting motivation from someone you look up to is one of the best feelings. Ever. Being inspired by your crush makes you wanna do best. Believe me. Having a crush isn’t garbage — especially when he makes your day bright even if it’s rainy outside, when he gives you a smile on your face even if you’re dealing with a lot of sh*ts right now and when he sends butterflies right in your stomach even if you’re palpitating with the Venti Caramel Macchiato you just had. Admit it, you have this gigil kilig feeling when your crush hearts your Instagram photo. I AM RIGHT, RIGHT?

“Some things are so cute that we just can’t stand it… Rather the response could be protective, or it could be the brain’s way of tamping down or venting extreme feelings of giddiness and happiness. “ – Rebecca Dyer and Oriana Aragon

Well, quali takers, take note some of great words from your cutie kuyas of Accountancy department. Be inspired!

  • Renz Mailed 


Sa mga magquaquali ngayon, iclaim niyo na papasa kayo! Just believe in yourselves, mas malaki ang chance na papasa kayo kung maniniwala kayo sa mga sarili niyong papasa kayo! Basta do your best and always ask assistance and wisdom from above. Never ever forget to pray! God is always with us. Kaya niyo yan! God bless you all! :)

  • Cedric Soloria


Passing the qualifying exam is one of the best feeling I ever had because I knew that I am one step closer towards my dream of becoming a CPA. I know the journey is still long but it’s all worth it in the end. Best of luck to those who will take the exam. Don’t panic. You are capable of more than you know. Just pray and calm your mind before the exam.

  • Janus Perez


“With proper preparation, enough rest and faith, you can get things done in your favor. You can do it!”

  • Nick Gerona


Accountancy, is a course. A course that must be taken with dedication, prayers and wit. Wit is not enough without dedication. Dedication would be nothing without prayers. And prayers would be useless, if you also do not do your part. It will be a tough exam, one that will give you sleepless nights and nerve wracking anxieties. It is probably your most important exam right now. My advice, make sure that you really want to pursue this course, and if you do. study hard, study smart. Pray, for there will be more exams to come in the higher years. But it would be all worth it in the end. Have faith and never lose hope. :)

  • Sean Pascual


To all those who will take the qualifying exam, good luck and be confident that you will pass the exam. Don’t forget that the most important thing is to ask for wisdom from God. Gusto ko ishare sa inyo yung natutunan ko kay mama na pag meron kang di masagot sa exam, stop tapos magpray ka na sana ilead Niya yung alam mong tama sa tamang sagot talaga :) God will direct you to the right path. Trust in Him. He knows the desire of your heart. Do your best, and God will do the rest. Goodluck and God bless! :)

Did these kuyas motivate you to study?

The phrase, “Kaya mo yan!” may be seemed to be gasgas na for real, like sirang plaka because you always hear it in all life’s difficult situation, but it is true!!! YOU CAN DO IT *insert awkward dance moves*. If it didn’t turn out that way, you are directed to a better path.

Words can make or break you. There’s no harm in being inspired and taking them. In these feelings a person wants to be with or to be just like the one she looks up to. Please don’t get too much feels on this post because you might get overdosed which may lead you to distraction.

Thoughts about my blog post? Feel free to share and leave comments! xx


4 thoughts on “5 Accountancy Cuties to Motivate You

  1. Playfully written, informative content, and what can I say? I’m sure the younger FEUture accountants can take these pieces of advice during their qualifying exams. More power to you Arianne.

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