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It’s Sem Break

Go back to the day when you took your deepest breath as you inched towards your university….You’re in the spotlight. Wherein the sun illuminated you while it made that sarcastic grin saying, “Today I decided to show up to remind you that days will be bright and easy but more often than not, you’ll gonna miss me and be gloomy.”

Then you wondered who were the first persons you’ll see today- who are those at the lobby? You texted your friends but they seemed to be lurking around the narrow hallways, some will come running late because they weren’t excited as you are.

As you waited for the elevator, fidgety you thought of meeting someone amazing you can keep for the rest of the months. The ones you can come along with. You can handle yourself but no one likes to be alone this very moment.

As you step in the elevator, you hoped that a cutie will approach you and that this day will be your very first page for your romantic love story. You plotted the next chapter into your head and could’ve finished a sequel until you reached your floor.
You mentally slapped yourself saying, “Get your sh*t together, this is college. It’s you’re future in the making.” And so you started asking yourself mundane questions – Who will be my professors? Are they the lenient type? Do they give incentives? How many liters of coffee or tea will I need to intake just to keep me accompany while writing a paper at 3 in the morning? How much will I be charged for a library fine this semester? Where will I have my lunch? Go for the usual fast food or settle with the cafeteria food putting a whole lot spices? Okay forget about food. Will I pass all my courses this term? Will I be involved in the roster of scholars? How many A’s will I get?- Or nah.

Let things happen this sem. You might be soooo inquisitive, but you don’t wanna pressure yourself. You must enjoy and make life happen.
As days nonchalantly passed, you befriended your professors, complied with the requirements, sacrificed sleep, became less of a social butterfly. Little did you know that the semester has finally ended.


Semestral break is a week off school were you binge-read, binge-watch, binge-write… Well everything is in binge (aside from sleeping and eating) because you need to finish them all in just 2 weeks!!! xx


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