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Open Letter: Maybe a “Hi” Or “Hello” Will Mend It

To The Guy I Wish To Talk To Again

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Hey You,

Maybe what you’ve done is just a typical activity in a day in your life. But for me, it’s something. Something to treasure and indeed worth remembering. Yes, I still remember what you said last night. I cannot believe the words you said and how spontaneous they were.

I don’t know if you and I will be able to talk again. Maybe that’s just it – it ended when you got all the details you needed and called it a night . I didn’t want it to end but you took the lead and left me curious. I don’t know if we’d say “hi” or “hello” when we pass by the narrow hallways or the elevator in the remaining days. But I know we won’t. Because we didn’t. But I know that you see what you’re doing to me.

I wish we’ll be able to talk again. You’re interesting and I can’t forget how brave you were, how inquisitive of you even if all them was laid down. You made me very pleased and appreciated. The way you sounded had fascination, admiration and something I don’t know of. However, you left me curious and I’m not sure how to feel about it.

This is not an usual open letter I have written. I’m not even sure if this is heartfelt enough. But sufficient feels to give me the roller coaster kind of rush. If we don’t talk now, maybe the scar of unanswered questions will only worsen and then we’ll be like strangers who never talked to each other but only knew each other’s existence.

Yours Truly,


Isn’t it weird when people leave a ┬ámessage and the next day as if nothing happened? Thoughts about my blog post? Leave a comment below if I interpreted your feels for you. If you wish to use my words, please do inform me. or share it on social media :) xx


8 thoughts on “Open Letter: Maybe a “Hi” Or “Hello” Will Mend It

  1. I just had so much feels while reading this blog of yours tonight for I’ve experienced kinda the same thing lately. But in my case, wala namang sinabi na something, I guess, pero yung feeling na okay naman kayo nung someone (yung super and masayang okay) then suddenly he won’t talk to you…and you’re like…okay,anong nangyari? Haha. I even made a blog about it too but it was published privately lol

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  2. Bakit kaya may ganyan na tao? Parang super close kayo pag online chat or text messages, pero pag in-person na, wala ng pansinan. yung tipong hangin ka lang.
    Parang panaginip lang na pag-gising mo mawawwala ang lahat na parang bula.

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    1. Siguro takot sila. Reality vs. Fiction. Mas madaling kausapin ung tao pag di mo nakikita eh or di mo ganun ka kilala, siguro. Ewan. Oo nga, hangin ka man lang para sa kanya pero ung moment/memory nung nag-usap kayo will remain. And dyan na magsisimula ung “what if’s”, ung manghihinayang ka pero papalipasin mo nalang…

      Wala eh, ganun lang talaga.


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