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August Coffee Quest: Lizzy Latte

I have shared most of my thoughts about Lizzy Latte in a collab blog I had with Clarisse. But I haven’t shared you guys the cool drinks and great food my friends had before Clarisse came that afternoon.

So here’s a quick review of what we had:

Rigatoni Pesto Pasta has creamy sauce with meat and bacon bits served with garlic bread to accompany the great taste.

Rigatoni Pesto Pasta has creamy sauce with meat and bacon bits served with garlic bread to accompany the great taste.


Cheesoreo Cookie is one of their Premium Cookies and yes, you read it right! It Based on its name, this cookie is made up of Cheesecake and Oreo chunks.

When it comes to Ice Blended Coffee or they call it Freezy Lizzy, they do not have regular, medium and large sizes as what some coffee shops offer. They have habitual if coffee is just your habit and addicted if you are really a coffee junkie.

In Freezy Lizzy, we tried four drinks.


First is Blueberry Bliss with real blueberries. It has a mix of espresso, milk and finished off with whipped cream and again, blue berries!

Next is Strawberry Splendid it has the same blend as Blueberry Bliss but this one has strawberries! Of course.

Feel truly majestic with their Mocha Majestik! It has European chocolate powder finished with whipped cream and drizzled with some chocolate. Yum!

And for the last drink, I think I am really mint for it. Pun there! I love mint. The flavor, color and scent. So I had Mocha Mint Marvel. Taste the mix of Europe and mint with European chocolate powder and mint cream. Topped with whipped cream and mint cream.

 Visit Lizzy Latte at Builders Center Building, 170 Salcedo, Makati, 1226 Metro Manila

Contact them at (0915) 412 4224

Check them out on Facebook and Instagram

Thoughts about my blog post? I would like to hear them! xx


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