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August Coffee Quest: Caffe Pascucci

For the next coffee shop, we decided to visit Caffe Pascucci since we’re at Glorietta to buy myself 2 pairs of shoes, supposedly.  cannot find my perfect pair of school shoes! it took us hours and so I decided to end up the search and go for a coffee.

Caffe Pascucci is an Italian café having only 2 branches here in the Philippines. We failed to stay for a long time since there are only a few hours before our classes start. Upon entrance, you won’t see much tables and chairs to accommodate a number of customers but wait till you get upstairs. With its flashy colorful walls, not-too-bright-and-not-too-dark lighting and red couches and chairs, you can really spend your day at Caffe Pascucci.

For a cold drink, I suggest you go for Fraspuccio Confuso. It has whip cream sans the eeeky icing taste. A different type of whip cream? Or should I say it is confuso cream. Fraspuccio Confuso is topped with Italian biscuits which are crisp on the outside and slightly chewy inside. These biscuits are called amaretti biscuits! How cool is that?

Another cold drink to try is Fraspuccio Caramel. Just like the Fraspuccio Confuso, this cold drink has espresso blended with ice and milk. Unlike the previous drink which has amaretti biscuits on top, Fraspuccio Caramel topped with caramel sauce.

Cold drinks in tall glasses. Fraspuccio Confuso on the sides and Fraspuccio Caramel at the middle. While Paspuccio is staying warm in a cup.


However, if you wanted something hot and has a mild boost of caffeine. Something with a great blend of cappuccino and chocolate, I highly recommend Paspuccio. It is sweet due to the caramel web sitting on top of it. Yeah it is sweet bit not that bad.


I may have failed to take photo of the interiors because of the little time we got, but I hope I enlightened you somehow of this Italian café sitting in the City of Makati. Hope you pay a visit and have a taste of Italy!


Caffe Pascucci is located at the Ground Floor of Glorietta 2, Makati City Philippines

Open from 7:00 am to 12:00 midnight

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3 thoughts on “August Coffee Quest: Caffe Pascucci

      1. The first time I heard it was as “Tea – it’s like a hug in a cup!” kay Patrick Jane, from a crime drama TV show called The Mentalist :)
        Consultant siya sa California Bureau of Investigation, but before, he was a fake psychic. He’s super charming, cunning, kinda careless, but also a broken person. And he really loves tea!
        Omg, sorry, ang haba naman ng explanation ko xD fictional crush ko kasi siya haha.


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