What? You Failed to Attend Candy Fair 2015?!

Candy Fair is Candy Magazine’s major event every year where Candy Girls can get a photo and interact with Candy Cuties!

Just like any other Candy Girls, I was very sad upon seeing Candy Magazine’s Instagram post announcing that there won’t be any tickets available for the event since it was sold out.
I was one of the many who asked days before and I answered questions of fellow Candy Girls because I know they are excited as a unicorn too. (Do unicorns get excited? Hmmmm)

I wasn’t able to purchase tickets earlier because this has always been my reason: I’ve got major classes every Saturday.
My different group of friends keep on convincing me to come since it is my event. They know I like Cuties and I love Crafts!!!

I insisted that I cannot and I have to deal with my exam.

Our professor texted me the night before that we’ll not be having our classes and I thought that was the sign and I shall go then to #CandyFair2015!

But unfortunately, sadly and poor me, the tickets were sold out.

I wanna go and see LA Aguinaldo, Mari Jasmine, Anina Rubio and the Candy Team but my feelings… and so much it hurts! Being optimistic that I am, I pondered on the bright side.

Fret not Candy Girls, there’s always a good side! Here are mine and I am glad for it:

1. I was able to sleep for almost the entire day- with evening classes to attend only! Gosh I miss my bed so much. Cuddled with pillows and with my blanket to keep me warm. No alarm clocks to wake me up. Good times!

2. I was able to blog! Yes, I published one and I have scheduled ones. Oh for the love of blogging!!!
3. Saw my crush’s tweet that he won’t be there and so I thought, “Yeah, me too! We can’t have a picture together. *insert wink emoji* He was a former Candy Cutie btw.

4. I was able to cut my Instagram obsession. There are a lot of Candy Girls posting online and of course Candy will keep us updated. I am jealous, I am hurt and even a glance hurts.

5. On second thought, I was able to get scoops on Twitter. It hurt a little less but it feels like I was there too! Virtually not physically.

6. I have more fund for the Manila International Book Fair 2015 next week! You’re bookworms too, right?

7. I was able to watch the Kalyeserye! It was a very kilig afternoon for me too! With Alden and Yaya Dun on TV, gosh I bet you Candy Girls got your kilig moment on with matching hampas sa katabi. Come on AlDub fans, raise your hands!

Point to Ponder:
You always have to make choices but sometimes choices are there and it’s all on how you respond to it.
Thoughts on my blog post? Come on let’s talk about our different emotions for this day! xx


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