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August Coffee Quest: Restock Curiosities

I am not that sure how to tell you how our first coffee adventure went. There were just so many happenings and spending a day at Restock was just so sudden.

Our first coffee shop was supposedly the one near an art gallery. We entered and they’re on business yet unfinished with the interiors. But due to picky and choosy girls that we are when it comes to Instagrammable places, we decided not to order in that coffee shop and went out. Sorry! We visited the art galleries and we then decided to go to Restock since it’s just one jeepney ride away! I asked the driver to drop us at Guijo Street. There’s this inner voice saying that we must go down at Satinka Naturals and it’s just take a few walks.

Due to obedience, we were dropped  at Shopwise Makati and followed directions he told us. Little did we know that it was minutes of walk under the scorching heat. We took a tricycle and those enthusiastic drivers also told us what are the other places we should visit around the area. But first, Restock Curiosities. Restock is a hidden treasure. Nothing worthwhile comes easy. And searching for this place may have given us quite an adventure but we got the prize!

Restock is a place for your afternoon to evening relaxation. Great space to get you nice and cozy – affixing your eyes on their calligraphy coated wall painstakingly done by Elle Battung, while enjoying your hug in a cup.


A hard decision you’re making in going places is choosing which to have. I’ve read that Long White is great and so I tried it. It has 2 shots of espresso and among the coffee, it has the most milk. I usually palpitate immediately and so I ordered one. A cold brew after the search.


We let ourselves be amused by the interiors! Yes. It’s really worth it, a haven for the hipster people we all are. It is not just a simple coffee shop, it is also an art gallery. The creative artworks on the wall are for sale and they have craft items from  The Craft Central, notebooks from Two Thirty Sixty and other awesome stuff. Restock plays great music from their vinyl records and player.


After getting perfect flat lays, it is not so bad for a Hot Chocolate. The hot chocolate is smooth and rich in flavor. Who says that only kids drink hot choco in a coffee shop? I guess no one.


If you are a real coffee enthusiast and want to control the strong taste of it, I suggest you go for either Bipolar or Duet.

Bipolar has a separate cup of Cappuccino and a cup for 2 shots of espresso with slight hint of milk.


Duet on the other hand has a separate cup of Cappuccino and a cup for just a shot of espresso.


If you think having coffee is just enough, I am telling you it is not. We tried Margherita pizza. I thought I fell in love with pizza before. But nothing has ever left me such pleasure! The herbs, spices and the tomato sauce. Gooodies! Restock also has cookies. Yum! We also love it because it has a sweet and salty taste combined into perfection. It’s a must-try aside from their coffee!


The interiors, coffee and food are all great! Plus, they have card games for you and your friends to try such as Cards Against Humanity and Bananagrams. What I love the most in Restock is the quality of service they provide. The staff are indeed friendly and accommodating. Sherina wanted to have an Oreo Cheesecake in a jar but they said that they do not have Oreos for the toppings though they have the cheesecakes themselves in the jars prepared. Sherina insisted that it is okay but they said, it’s not worth it. They want to give us the best. So better not serve it. The cheesecake jars are looking good and even without the Oreos, but due to quality service we just devoured on pizza and cookies which are really a must-try.

Drinks, food, ambiance, music, service, price and experience… Everything is is worth it!


So that is how we spent our first Wednesday of August coffee quest. Surely be back and you must visit- bringingyour friends along, hipster or not, and let your curiosities be restocked!

Restock is located at 7635 Guijo Street, Makati City, Philippines

Open from 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm

Have I gotten you curious?  Thoughts? Well, leave a message. You are appreciated! xx


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