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My Friends on the Web

Most people nowadays are on the internet. Everyone owns at least one account on social networking sites – with Facebook as the most common avenue. If you do not have one, it seems like you do not exist. I usually get my everyday news and trends through the links shared online. And yes, you and your friends may be seeing each other every day but you’ll miss out what pops into someone else’s mind at around 10pm to 2am. You just got to be alert every time your Messenger pops notifs, or else you have pain in scrolling up and worse, you can’t get along with the topic they talked about. It’s like, are we still friends or not? Got the same feels?

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It’s really a basic thing to ask for your new found friend’s name. And maybe exchange phone numbers afterwards, eh? But things have gone in greater heights –and it’s not totally bizarre to exchange Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. You DEFINITELY agree with me, right? It happens sometimes that you’re just asking for a Facebook account and the rest will follow suit haha. Well, just a quick share – I attended an event and I asked for the guy’s Twitter account. While he was typing his username on my phone, he told me that he doesn’t have an Instagram account. I was caught off guard!!! First, I did not ask for it. I was only asking for Twitter. Second, How did he know that I’m gonna stalk him? Just kidding. I just said “Sige okay lang. Twitter is cool.” Awkwardness, yes!

Anyhow, aside from being on the social media you must browse the web more often – Googling assignments not included. There are a lot of sites to learn from, amazing articles to read and blogs to enlighten you. At least. (Thank you my dear reader!) If you’re stuck with your accounts while waiting for some other notifications to come along, I suggest you explore.

Here are my friends on the web to help you get started:

  1. is a site by Clarisse Delgado

How we became friends: We were classmates back in 3rd year high school. We’re 10 girl friends actually but we were the only ones who has a passion with blogging.

Why you should read it: Her blog mostly features the places along the metro she fell in love with. Along with these places are the food which are worth spending and devouring for and the interiors which are very Instagrammable.

  1. is a site by Kate Tamondong

How we became friends: We share the same school but we do not really know each other’s existence until we became group mates during the summer leadership training for FEU Student Leaders.

Why you should read it: As it says there, ‘Embrace the bum life.’ Her blog typically is about just being free and slack. Kate is not the one who goes into the flow of mainstream. You can notice it with her great choice of music. Yes, she loves music!!! Check her site and maybe you got the same genre as her.

  1. @ronlascano on Instagram by Rondelle Lascano

How we became friends: If you’re a fan of my blogging ever since, you might’ve noticed some photos I posted were by Nikki Lascano. So there, they are technically siblings! In other words, Rondelle is my block mate’s brother. I was amazed by his artworks and so I blogged about him. You might have read it already or if not, check it here.

Why you should see it: His Instagram account features some of his creative artworks. You might have seen a lot on my previous blog posts but coming this September 2015, Thru The Lines will release its coloring book for adults – this can be for any ages, too – all the illustrations are created by Rondelle Lascano. You may also buy some of his artworks.

  1. @dgrazon on Instagram by Deegee Razon

How we became friends: We share the same school just like Kate but I met him through Nikki Lascano again. They were high school buds. Deegee takes great photos and yeah, I blogged about him before.

Why you should see it: But those were the moments were he was getting photo features on different legit accounts. Recently, he was hired as a brand ambassador and photo contributor of accounts. What a great start for a Marketing major! Here’s the list of the Instagram accounts which hired him and you must check out too:

1) ronsondesignsph (For customized shirts)

2) (For basic shirts & pocket tees)

3) (Where he’s the brand ambassador & photo contributor)

4) metrojuan (Where he’s the brand ambassador & photographer)

5) shopbasicph (For jogger pants)

6) (For iPhone cases)

7) thruthelines (For adult coloring books)

  1. a blog by Zele Arenas

How we became friends: We became class mates for our English class back in 1st year college. We got to know each other for we were group mates.

Why you should read it: She modeled for different clothing lines before and her blog features essentials for every girl. It also contains photos of the products she uses with tips and some advice.

  1. a blog by Nikky Rivera

How we became friends: We met at the same event Kate and I knew each other. We became closer I guess when we’re cutting photos for an activity from the magazine and it was not such any other magazines. It was a Scout Magazine! (How could I even do such thing? Sorry.) We both have a dilemma whether to cut or not since I am a Scout reader and she used to write at Scout. And the idea of writing came by and yeah, talk about blogging and stuff!

Why you should read it: Nikky is a writer by heart! Aside from being the editor-in-chief of FEU Advocate, she also writes for Philippine Daily Inquirer. If you got the guts, go read her blog posts –where she secretly fries your brain cells.

  1. is a photography blog by Marian De Jesus

 How we became friends: We’ve been block mates during freshmen college. She have her passion in photography before I met her. We used group mates for a film making and music video project which went very well.

Why you should visit it: Marian doesn’t just shoot ordinary people. With shoot I mean photo shoot, not with a gun! So morbid. Kidding aside, she takes photos of other famous bloggers and Instagram famous ladies! Hope she takes photos of guys too, don’t you think? After all, she got keen eyes!

8. gesssssssss on Soundcloud listen to Gessie Krishnan

How we became friends: Not just my friend, but my very best friend! We’ve known each other since we were 8 years old! We share the same school service to and from school. We’ve seen each other grow from innocent little kids to posh outgoing young adults.

Why you should listen to it: Gessie sings very well. She came from a musically inclined family. She was always invited to sing in school events back in primary and secondary school. In her Soundcloud account, you’ll be able to hear her beautiful pure voice!

Yaaaay you successfully made it to the end! Congratulations because you explored on the web. I bet I left you curious and now you are going to click on the links I have above. Well,  I hope my friends inspired you to do more on the web. And yeah, I won’t take this long! Happy reading and browsing :)

One last thing before you go, any thoughts about my blog post? I always love to hear from you! xx


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