It Is All In My Head

There are things that we do not usually do. But eventually you thought of something – maybe this occurred when you’re busy scrolling down Facebook and you came across this sudden post, it hit you, “Hey! This is something I can possibly do.” then voila! It knocked on your door and you let it in, then gave things a try. The question is, have you been doing it until now? Or was just like a project? Just one shot where you have to give all what you’ve got.


You see I haven’t been blogging much lately, sure it was about my academics and organization commitments. However, once those requirements were done, I had taken a time off. I make up the lost time of grand solitude and deep thinking, I guess. There are times that I talk to myself – okay, screw your judgments – about the life realizations and then it got me thinking, “Hey! I wanna share that one to everyone.” But what? Of course I failed to write it down and unsuccessfully gave you a piece of what’s in my head.

So here is the thing, have you ever came across that you are supposed to do such thing but something came up and you did not do it at all? You thought you can handle everything in your head, it came to a sudden point that you had neglected your secretary – daily planner, in my case. Because you are so full of the shits going on and jotting things in your planner feels like taking A LOT of time? I was in the rush that I forgot to do things. I need to take things slow. I hated it when I am in the middle of doing things but I suddenly forget to finish tasks like, HOW CAN I EVEN FORGET IT?  It’s just all in my head.

You see, I never got to accomplish things because they are just all in my head. I need to get them off so that it will not only benefit me – free the thoughts that have been imprisoned my little head. It will also benefit you my dear reader, in some ways I do not know how.

In order to achieve something, let’s make things happen. I may never know what will happen after I posted this but one thing is for sure, I actually won’t get far if it is all in my head.


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