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Off to my Next Adventure

IMG_6569I never thought I will be able to experience a lot of things for my 18th year. It was all in God’s plan. When I was 17, I wanted to live a life closer to God. I’ve read “Purpose Drive Life” but then I lose track. I was not committed. But I really wanted to find my purpose as I reach my legal age. I thought of having the 40th day of my reading or the last chapter exactly on my 18th birthday. The great thing is that when I decided to read again, it was the day that I supposed to start reading to reach the 40th day on August 15.

It was a month full of reading, contemplating and realizing why I am here on earth. I sacrificed a lot of things, barely on the net and never had gone much out. But all those things paid off, I became closer to God and He gave me great experiences in return.

As I turn a year older, it’s nice to look back to the person I was last year, my first year as a legal citizen of this world. Not that I was jailed or I did something illegal, but it was the start of the more outgoing and free-spirited Arianne.

  1. First overnight with my college girlfriends
Fresh mornings.
Fresh mornings.

They also surprised me having decorations in the room! Banners and stuff hanging off the ceiling with Taylor Swift songs in the background. We even had a hard time removing the decorations that we turned out to be in a cheer dance building human pyramids.

  1. Almost complete high school girlfriends


We were 9 out 10 that night! They surprised me indeed along with a bouquet of roses and a cake that I failed to offer them because I don’t the restaurant’s policy hahaha.

  1. Advance screening
My dream team consists of Martina, Cedric, Me, Joanna *insert Joyce*


It was the first I had and it was THE MAZE RUNNER!!! *Hi there Glader!*. That event led to so many great things as well. I won The Maze Runner boxed set, got interviewed for Myx, Solar Entertainment and Philippine Daily Inquirer. Then I won tickets again for PAPER TOWNS! Again, we were featured at PDI and it was an honor to be asked by Miss Pam Pastor.

  1. Book signings!


I love books, okay? I am a book nerd haha. I met Jennifer E. Smith, Lissa Price, Marie Lu, E.Lockhart, Katie Cotugno, Melissa Kantor and Robyn Schneider!

  1. Got an F

I may be a consistent honor student back in primary and secondary school, but there were circumstances which hindered me in taking no notice of the letter which every student doesn’t want to see as their final grade.  Let’s just say that I did not love the program I was into, but I learnt how to :)). Can’t believe that a single letter will teach me a lot.

  1. Attended 1989 release party

I am a Swiftie, alright? It was the release party of Tay’s 1989. I went with my aunt at Glorietta 5 for the event but she shopped around so basically it was only me. In that event! It was the release of Sneaky cat as well and I bought it right away! With my own money. And it is a half size bigger. Can’t sacrifice the days of waiting for the next pair just my size to arrive. Nothing a foot sock won’t do. Need to have it, immediately, just because.

  1. First hosting experience in a debut
With my co-emcee, Jessyl
With my co-emcee, Jessyl

I hosted one of my best friend’s debut and it was cool. Great opportunity and a training for the future!

  1. Bonded with my 2 high school best friends and 2 guy friends
It’s me, Gessie and Julina.
Stuck in traffic, but first let we take a selfie! Yoda, Me, Julina, Gessie and Koichi.

We usually stayed in the canteen every morning back in high school and I always cannot find time to bond with them. Hello College schedules! Hahaha. But luckily I got the time with them! Yaaaay!


I have always been in love with writing. I used to judge my writings before and I was shy to let others know how I feel, but then they secretly read my journals. Voila! They said that I need to write more. They loved talking to me and I like to share things to them that maybe people on the web can learn something from too. But I am still learning too!

  1. Admitted to someone how I felt

Hmmmm…. So might be wondering what’s with this, huh? I blogged about the feels just look in the archives and categories. But I was never been in a boy-girl relationship if that’s what you’re thinking.

  1. Lived like a Fictional Character
We Were Liars
Do you know the Liars?

If you’ve read ‘We Were Liars’, I think I have lived like a fictional character sans the plot twist. My family stayed at Anvaya Cove and hell yeah, I think I know what E.Lockhart feels about the Sinclair family.

  1. Lost a friend but made friends


It was rough knowing that some of your friends stab you at the back, *playing Bad Blood*. But there are new ones who’ll come from nowhere, who had the same experience with you and they comfort you until they are replaced by the lost one.

  1. Engaged in volunteer works 


I have been to an orphanage! It was overwhelming to attend the needs of the kids and listening to their stories. I have also been to a remote community as part of our community immersion. It was tough but keeping in mind that you are serving, there’s more to life than just visiting and spending time with them. It is seeing the radiance of joy across their faces.

  1. Received Jenny Han notifications

 I don’t stop sending tweets to Jenny Han until the feels are drained. I tweeted her bunch of times then she favorites as well! I also had 2 quote retweets from her. *Fangirling moment!!!*

  1. Blogging has grown

Most people tend to read my blog posts and yeah I was receiving traffics more than ever. Keep reading and sharing! You are HIGHLY appreciated.

  1. I just knew places

IMG_1048-2 IMG_2597 IMG_1842 IMG_4328

I just do not know them, I go and visit them. Some are featured here in my blog but others are in drafts haha. Sorry places.

  1. Introduced in a cell group

It was a small group, like a spiritual one, headed by Ate Tere. We talk about God, the bible and the good things in life. It’s a great thing knowing that young professionals are sharing the words of God.

  1. Celebrated my last day of being 18

 I just love surprises, okay? I thought it’ll just be a gigantic pizza but it was accompanied with 4 regular sized pizzas, cake and a bouquet of flowers!

It was a great adventure, indeed! Thank you for the persons I lived with, you know it within yourselves. Come on! I am thanking you :) just here to say thanks!

God may be working silently, but when the right time comes, it is as if you are deafened by all the blessings He has given. These are the experiences that molded me. I did not planned all this, God did. I don’t know who will I be tomorrow, but now I am still me, Arianne is 18 plus 1.

Off to my next adventure! Will you come with me?

*These are my own photos, please do not use without my permission.*


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