#PaperTownsPH: Paper Towns Advance Screening

20th Century Fox recently tweeted announcing the “Epic Barkada Promo”. You have to post a photo or a video on Twitter or at Facebook of  your barkada’s unforgettable fun moment. I informed my girl friends that I will be posting our photos and must they join as well.

Monday evening, July 13, 2015, the winners were announced. I was so dumbfounded to see my name on the list. Yes, we’re going to see “Paper Towns” days earlier than the regular showing!!!! The feels, gosh! The feels of winning and the feels that they announced the winners knowing that the screening will be the following night.

The screening happened last Tuesday night, July 14, 2015 at Greenbelt 3 Cinema 5. My friends and I registered at around 7pm and I was surprised that we were the first ones. Nope, we’re not excited as ninjas if that’s what you think hahahaha. We got stamped with Warner Bros. logo and we got “Paper Towns” freebies!



The freebies consist of 2 Magnetic sheets, button badges and magnetic bookmark!

After getting our refreshments, my girl friends and I went there and I were surprised to see fans being interviewed and getting stoked for the movie. And I spotted my winning friend, Illac together with Karl being interviewed  by VJ Chino for MYX.


We were supposed to be 5 in my group but circumstances occurred that I ended with only Clarisse and Sydney.


Illac and I cannot help but be goofy in front of the camera! We’re friends and our respective accounts won!


A blurry selfie before we enter. WE WILL GO TO THE PAPER TOWNS AND WE WILL NEVER COME BACK. Just kidding!


Illac and I sat with our respective groups. I’m with my 2 ninjas, Sydney and Clarisse. After settling, we talked about the book! Our expectations and the possible deviations. All stuff about Paper Towns! It’s one of the moments wherein you can talk in your normal voice inside the cinema about the movie you’re about to see, without other movie-goers hushing you or what, because basically, you are surrounded by fans and book nerds. We all know the bits and pieces of the story hahaha. BUT there’ll always be variations.

It’s almost 9pm when they congratulated us and stuff. Like, we’re one of the earliest viewers of the movie worldwide. How cool was that? Later on, they announced that they’re giving away John Green boxed set and Paper Towns book. We looked under our seats for a “Paper Towns” paper/sticker, I guess. If you got one, you won a prize! It was what we did back in the Greenie screening of “Maze Runner”. I brought home a Maze Runner boxed set before! But unfortunately, there was no paper under my seat last Tuesday.

Winners lined up for the photo

And the movie trailers go on… What caught my attention and the whole cinema was the SECOND TRAILER FOR THE SCORCH TRIALS!!! It is the sequel to James Dashner’s “Maze Runner”. Trailers go on and then the man behind the great story, John Green had a video message then IT’S TIME TO SEE PAPER TOWNS!

During the movie, it’s kinda hard not to pay attention to details. Clarisse, Sydney and I cannot help but notice the variations because we read the book! Hahahaha. The scenes, which comes before and after. The words said by the characters. The car. The road trip. The stop at the convenience store. The ending. Okay, did I spoil too much? Okay. Sorry.

Everyone deserves a fandom hug once the movie was over! Mixed emotions showered me. Like, where did all these feels have been when the movie was showing?

When we got out of the cinema, we talked about it a lot. MOVIE HANGOVER. Okay. But still managed to take some pictures.

With Miss Anna of 20th Century Fox. After this photo was taken, Illac and I were interviewed for ETC.
The squad. Yeah, we wore black. Black as ninjas haha.
After Illac, Karl and I got interviewed, I asked for her name. She said,
After Illac, Karl and I got interviewed, I asked for her name. She said, “Pam… Pam Pastor”. I took the chance and hug her! Wow! I just cannot believe I was interviewed by one of the writers I admired the most! This night was so heavenly!

 There may be variations between the book and the movie -okay, the struggles of reading the book first is once again REAL- but you’ll love them both. The scenes in the movie were just rearranged and they extracted charactersss (they deleted that scene too though, that’s why) and included a character. You’ll understand what I mean when you get to see the movie.

My darkly red nail polish was unintentional!

 “Paper Towns” is about finding someone. Not just this mysterious Margo Roth Spiegelman. But it is finding yourself as well. You think you’re settled with who you are, you are wrong. You need to get out of your comfort zone and have fun! Life is an adventure. You’ll enjoy it even more without sticking to your usual route – find a girl through the clues she left, go to places you never imagined seeing yourself into, attend a party your whole school’s at, make friends with the popular kids at school, be there at prom even if you don’t feel like dancing and have a road trip with the people who cared for you the most! “Paper Towns” is perfect to watch with your friends, there are a lot of #squadgoals moments!

The advance screening will not be possible without 20th Century Fox‘s promo and if I just stayed in my comfort zone keeping all the great moments I had with my girl friends back in high school, when a paper cutout of a girl started becoming real.

“Paper Towns” showing on July 22nd


Step out , find yourself and don’t come back! xx


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