My Second Visit to an Orphanage: Another Moment for Warm Fuzzies

If you have been reading my blog post every time or if it’s just so happen that you scrolled down and read my experiences, you might have known now that I have been to the orphanage. In our organization, which volunteer and needs-based works are our main focus, me and some of my friends with our adviser paid a visit to kids, again! By just merely thinking that I’ll be able to visit the orphans gives me enthusiasm and I really cannot hide my excitement, given that I wanted to see my orphanage buddy.


I wasn’t able to see their smiling face as they welcome us once the gate opened because we bought some snacks for them at the nearby bakery. But once we were inside, I never expected that there will only be a few orphans today. As told by the staff, some of the orphans were at school. (Elementary and high school starts on June here in the Philippines) Orphans are divided into morning and afternoon sessions. After a brief introduction to the first timers there in the orphanage, we asked for the orphans’ names once again because I honestly forgotten who’s who. There were a lot of kids there the last time I visited. Once we got to know their names and they introduced us the new kid, we were told to bring the sports equipment at their playing area.

They were just so happy with the new basketballs and rings we brought just for them. I saw the excitement in them that they even dribbled the ball while it was still in this packaging!!! While some of them are busy with the things we just gave them, I cannot help but think where my orphanage buddy is. I lost hope of seeing her again, maybe she had morning classes was what I thought of. Talking to kids and sharing them the photos we had before made me very happy. if you think I’d forgotten the kid, no. I was hoping to see her again. I was busy with the kids, laughing and stuff. But minutes later, I saw the kid that I was looking for!


I was all smiles in this photo but my orphanage buddy cannot help but keep her happiness. The moment we saw each other, after couple of months, she hugged me and I can see she wiped her left cheek. Yes, tears. Okay, I have such a soft heart with this and my tears did fall out too. (Gosh! I just cannot help my emotions hahaha).


After reminiscing and asking questions with regards to the other volunteers, it was time for snacks. They loved the bread that we had given them. A piece of it isn’t enough for them! They asked for juices and it was such a great feeling assisting and serving them. They are kids after-all. They are spontaneous, free and as if they do not care about the world.

After snacks, we shared stories again, like never-ending!!! Even though I’ve heard their stories about how they got into and how they are doing in  the orphanage, I listened. To show that you love them and you care for them is to listen to them. We played a game but unfortunately, we failed to bring speakers.We ended up singing songs. I love it when they sang, ‘Blank Space’. It was indeed fun and exhilarating as well, knowing they know all the words!!!

Anyways, here are some of the photos we had…

Volunteers and the orphans we shared stories with
Group photo with the volunteers and orphans
Tickle time with the kids and the volunteers laughing and asking questions
Geneva, an orphan, took this photo of Khristylene and I.
Hey there little fella!

Time flies so fast when you surely are having fun! After an hour or so of singing, playing games and story-telling, we need to go home and they need to attend school. This may be the second time I visited them but they left an impact again in my heart. There are just so many things I needed to say but I was dumbfounded. They always overwhelm me.

Again, kids are not as bad as you thought they are. Visit an orphanage, you’ll get to know them and learn from the basics of life. xx

Thoughts on my blog post today? I would like to hear from you!!!


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