Why People Bring You Down


People come in and out of your life. Some will stay at the end, while others tend just to pass by. Some might have lifted you up, while others are there to keep you down.

What are the reasons? Hmmm… I am not quite sure what but here’s what I thought.

  1. You are better than them in your own way. Everyone does. They just do not see the whole picture.  Please know where you came from.
  2. They wish they were you.
  3. You do things they thought of doing. But you make things happen.
  4. You are not afraid to learn from experiences and failures.
  5. They are choking on their pride, not attempting to swallow them.
  6. They are playing safe. Closing their own world of comforts.
  7. You are selfless. They have taken everything you had given up.
  8. You are true to your words.
  9. You do things with love, not just to put up a show.
  10. You are not afraid to show who you really are.
  11. You make friends to keep, not to use and backstab at when you feel like it.
  12. You do not mind them at all. But they continue. They are just attention-seekers.

But whatever things they do to keep you down, you’ll meet people to cheer and bring you up! You are better than them. Stay as an inspiration, you are bigger and greater as to what God has designed you for. :)) xx


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