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Before #CommuneMoves

Third wave coffee shops are so in trend these days. If you happen to read my previous blog posts, you’ll be able to know that I just haven’t been to one. This blog post is definitely to be added on the list.

Last Saturday, my friend and I paid a visit to Commune. We decided to spend our morning to be fueled up, since we have afternoon to evening classes. Yes, we have to deal with Saturday classes! And hello, we’re in college. Anyways, it was just that morning when we settled our plan to have our coffee there. It was also a perfect timing to visit before they move out. They’ll not end their business or stop making 3D art on your cappuccino. They might close their shop at Salcedo Village today, but they’ll open soon at Poblacion. Unfortunately, there aren’t announcements yet when.

Nonetheless, indulge yourself in some of these photos and get off your butt and go visit them at Salcedo Village.


Chalk art.
Commune also serves Sweet Patti Cakes’ cupcakes. It’s a business put up by the ever gorgeous Patti Grandidge. Check them at Instagram @sweetpatticakes

It was a huge surprise that they are having a calligraphy class there. I always wanted to attend one but my schooling and schedule won’t permit. But at least I got the chance to observe them!


Word. Art. Craft.
Sweet Patti Cake’s Nanatella and Ooey Gooey Peanut Butter! They are worth devouring for. They are delectably affordable for Php 75.00 each.

Lovin’ the interiors. How dare you not?
Hello Sabado! I just made it up, not caring if it’s Taglish or what. But it rhymed though.

The  3D art is only done with Cappuccinos. Make sure to ask, it is upon request!

 What really amazed me and I won’t forget in my entire hopping places was that my Instagram photo was featured at Commune’s account. Even Patti Grandidge liked and commented on my photo!


My stay at Commune was very heart-warming. Though there were a lot of busy people that morning, you’ll feel the comfort you are longing for. And hey, don’t forget to bring a buddy with you! It’s commune. You need someone to communicate or discuss something with. But better if you meet someone new. Haha.

Well my dear friends, you still have few hours left to visit Commune at Salcedo Village, Makati. It’s just near the Pacific Star, just two streets away. If you happen to see BDO  then Project Pie. My dear friend, keep your eyes really wide. But then, if you really suck at geography, well there’s always Google Maps. 


Check out Commune Artisan Cafe on the web at
Thanks for reading! xx
P.S. Please do not use these photos without my permission/approval :)) 

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