The Snapshot Prodigy

Most people nowadays are into photography. Whatever gadget you have – it can be your iPod, tablet, smartphone or your DSLR- as long as it can capture everything that fancy your eyes, you are great to go. But if you are really a photo enthusiast, you’ll find everything easy with just a few shots, they are very instagrammable or Instagram-worthy.

What am I about to convey may somehow degrade your photography skills, or at some point put your self-esteem at level 0. But nevertheless, let optimism rule and let him be your source of inspiration!

See some of his great feeds!
See some of his great feeds!

Behind this great Instagram account is my college friend, Deegee Razon. But he is not studying art, photography or something related. He is a business major. He is just a plain shutterbug. How awesome is that?

He takes photos of all things instagrammable. Maybe some stuff there are just so ordinary to your own naked eyes, but he does  photography in a whole new level. With his creative, sophisticated, down-to-earth and free-swinging feeds; he sure makes photography SEEMS TO BE EASY.

Some of his works are featured into different legit Instagram accounts, no wonder he has 8 thousand followers and still counting!!!

Photographers not only take photos, they are often models as well.

His passion for Herschel was further deepened by the feature made on the official account.

Coffee, camera and #TheJournalHSC. Photo: @dgrazon #WellTravelled #HerschelSupply

A post shared by Herschel Supply Co (@herschelsupply) on

Sundown afire. 

by @dgrazon #vscophilippines

A post shared by VSCO Philippines 🇵🇭 (@vscophilippines_) on

He may not have earned from his photography as of now, but he won 2,000 worth of GCs! 

FOLLOW Deegee on Instagram @dgrazon and may you be inspired! 

Thoughts on my blog post today? I would like to hear from you guys! xx


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