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10 FEU Makati Beauties

It was just recently that I blogged about 10 FEU Makati Cuties. I never expected for it to be a hit. I never saw it coming that students and some professors will give time reading my blog. Given my flooded Messenger and Twitter notifications, I appreciate that you guys loved it! Anyways, FEU Makati is also a home to tons of beauties. These girls will prove you that brains, talents and kindheartedness are also essential in giving beauty its true meaning.

1. Rose Marie Gallo


IMG_004Rose may be familiar to some of you since she started as a commercial model at the age of four. If you are switching your local channels just recently, you must have noticed her at some tv commercials such as Bravo biscuit, Nescafe and Safeguard. So, guys you must still tune in in the following days because there are still commercials that will about to air. Aside from being a model, she also do hostings! Hello confidence! Anyways, she is a Baptist and she loves kids. Her passion has brought her to teach kids at church. She is not sporty but she sure is full of great talents. Just like any girls, she loves pink. One last thing you must know is that Rose maybe half Italian but she has never been in Italy or even the states!

2. Annika Brazil


IMG_001Annika is not just all about beauty and brains. She may be an Accountancy student but she is into singing! I think she can be a great actress. Why? She can do most things the girls on the television and films do. She dances, plays musical instruments like guitar and keyboard, and yeah she acts as well. She expresses more of herself by composition writing. You might also wanna wait for sportsfest to watch her play volleyball!

3. Stephanie Bascos 


IMG_14Most of the teenagers nowadays are active members of the church and Stephanie is definitely one of them. She loves and prioritizes God in her life. She is an active leader, host and worship leader in their church. She leads the young to Christ to lead them to reach their potentials. Not only that she leads in the church, she is a student leader. Stephanie is your FEU Makati Student Council Auditor. But she is not that serious and strict in life, in fact she is a sweet and jolly kind if girl. The type who is clingy and the craziest in the group. She loves to travel and yes, she is a wanderlust! Maybe someday you can seek on an adventure with her!!!

4. Celine Antonio


IMG_10Just like any other teenagers, Celine likes to hangout with her friends. Maybe that’s why she is a Marketing student? Haha. She is a dancer and a former member of TAMS (Tamaraw Artists of Makati). Aside from having an interest in dancing, she is also into art. She joined art contests way back in elem and high school. Her craft has made her dream to be a make up guru someday. Well, I think that is not impossible to achieve given her love for art!

5. Ariane Nang


IMG_008You may think of Ariane as maldita, masungit and a snob, but she is definitely not. She is an approachable and a lovely girl who loves studying. She even kidded about how she can already go to junk shop to sell all her medals and plaques received. She graduated with flying colors since elementary and hoping she can pursue it till college. She is always online-wifi may be her life maybe that’s why people don’t see her as a studious one. But let’s get things straight, she is not a party goer. She does’t have a typical night life – dancing and partying. She loves the cute little feline, Hello Kitty! Totes adorbs. And she is the auditor of their academic org. Ariane is friendly and nice, I think every one who’s named Ariane even with a little variation on the spelling. I kid you not. *wink*

6. Ivy Cabactulan


IMG_007Most of the girls in my blog post today loves to sing! And Ivy is absolutely one of them. She was the former trainee of FEU Manila Chorale. She started singing lessons at the age of 8 at Yamaha School of Music Philippines, At the age of 14, she joined the Center for Pop Music. Given her great voice, she is not up to singing contests. Whhyyyyy? She might have been discovered, don’t you think? Perhaps she can be in the limelight along with her fave singers like Ariana Grande, Rihanna and Beyonce. Anyways, she is more of outdoor activities and is always craving for great adventures. She is a 3rd year student majoring in management.

7. Crisel Cruz


IMG_13Crisel is a student leader and part of FEU Makati Student Council. She may be an accountancy student but she knows how to balance things out. What are the things that she loves the most? Eat. Sleep. Read. Study. She enjoys eating and I remember that I pigged out a lot that moment I went to a buffet with her and some friends, just because they are heavy eaters too! She reads Young Adults but she is not into dark, edgy books like dystopians. Crisel loves to sing! And uhmmm…. you might wanna watch her video singing just recently posted by our friend at Facebook.

8. Sandra Ayo



Some girls are sweet on the outside, but really tough on the inside! Just like any guys, she plays Clash of Clans. She also do some workouts at home. She loves singing but it is more of a hobby than a talent. She is a bookworm too! She loves the fictions genre. Shoe does not usually go out of the house her parents are strict, just because. Sorry guys, but better plan your hangouts whenever you wanna go somewhere with Sandra!

9. Fresnel-28 Cruz


IMG_21Fresnel is someone you won’t forget. Why? Uhmmm… Do you remember the movie Bandslam wherein Vanessa Hudgens was in? She played the role of Sa5m. And just like they said in the movie, “It’s Sam with a five.” In Fresnel’s case, she was born Fresnel-28. Because she was born on the 28th of February! How cool is that? Some girls are just plain and laid back. But Fresnel is always up for fashion. If you think she’s just a sweet girl, think again. She is into beerpong and rave parties. She was a volleyball captain back in highs school. Does she do spiking with the ping pongs during beerpong? I don’t think so, Fresnel is my co-officer at Tamaraw Volunteers- Makati.

10. Odessa Dela Cuesta


IMG_16Okay, so how many are you were dumbfounded? How many of you have turned their heads today at school? Cara is a freshmen Business Administration student. According to her, she is just so plain fun to be with, crazy and she loves to eat given her slim figure. I met her during the first day of enrollment and she mentioned that she traveled a lot. The best place she has ever been in the Philippines was Palawan since it is not that crowded and it is just so heavenly clean. Spending an hour or more in the paradise island is very worth it. She has been out of the country but Singapore is the best because of Gardens by the Bay, knowing that it is an air-conditioned garden. Even her friends call her “Dora” because the explores. A lot. She is into dancing, as well. She dances whenever she feels like it. She kidded about calling herself a frustrated dancer! Hahaha. Aside from being enrolled in a business school, she is currently studying how to be a DJ. Hello there, DJ Cara! Music makes her feel better and she can express more of herself for her love for hiphop music.

Okay guys I have given you what you wanted, a list of FEU Makati Beauties. I surveyed a lot of dudes and these are the ones they came up with. I know that some of you are still looking for someone, or a longer list maybe? But settle for this people. Some of their names are linked into there Instagram accounts, happy stalking dudes!!!

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog! I hope you are inspired and motivated for the semester! Your comments and suggestions are a great help to improve my writing and blogging. Thank you so much readers! xx


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  1. Annika Brazil is also one of the member of Angelus choir at L’annunziata parish., located at Victoria Homes., Tunasan Muntinlupa. she’s active also in our parish youth organization. And at her age she’s talented and a very humble person.,


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