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10 FEU Makati Cuties

Far Eastern University Makati may just be a smaller campus than your typical university, but it is a home to a lot of cuties! These guys aren’t that hard to find all over the school –since it is just a building. They just might to happen in the lobby, or on the same ride of the elev with you, or maybe have adjacent seats at the cafeteria, or maybe he’s in the library checking out his acad book or a first-hand novel released, or maybe he’s getting his dose of frappuccino at the neighboring Starbucks, or maybe if you’re providential enough- you are sharing a class with Mr. FEU Makati Cutie!!! These guys aren’t just all about their bizarrely good looks. There’s more about them, which will surely impress you even more.

1. Louie Francis Oli



Believe it or not, his insanely good looks are also up for advanced Muay Thai and is a low yellow-belter in Taekwondo. Yet, he often played badminton but he is more on seeking the outdoors and adventures. And just like any other dudes out there, he is also into beerpong! Way to go dude! Maybe, he uses some Muay Thai and Taekwondo skills while playing beerpong haha. Kidding aside, Louie is a 4th year Operations Management student.

2. Pablo Herrera

IMG_4016IMG_4017Pablo is a type of guy who devotes most of his time to his family and friends. According to him, he values them much that he can’t do much without them. He is also into cooking and is still learning on how to improve his skills. It’s a great way to show your love to your family and friends through good food, though. He may do some cooking but going to the gym is always an essential for his solitude.

3. Matthew Villavert


Matthew is a 4th year Accounting Technology student. Well, you can associate reading books with accounting students but he also reads fictions, sci-fi and entrepreneurial books. Paulo Coelho is his fave author and The Alchemist is what he loves the most. But he has started with Marie Lu’s Legend trilogy, trying some Young Adults. However, he started singing back in elementary and high school. He competed in the junior and national convention. But he never did a solo performance. Ever. Are you dying to hear his voice now, ladies? We hope he could perform solo some time singing the tunes of his fave singer, Ed Sheeran! Way to go Sheerio!!!

 4. Genesis Almandres

     GIMG_4023enesis may be familiar to some of you because he is the FEUCSO Representative of FEU Makati Student Council. You might not be able to see him more often this first term due to his OJT but he’ll be there in some events and programs to serve you guys better! He is a 4th year Information Technology student. A student leader with good looks, what more can you ask?

5. Manuel Sahagun


A lot of people we know are into music but it is very rare of me to encounter someone who knows how to play the drums. Well, yeah Manuel started playing drums at the young age of…………. four years old! Woooow! Isn’t it great to have a hobby that you’ll bring when you grow up? Aside from drumming, he also plays the guitar. Drums and guitar, what would you expect next? Does he sing? Unfortunately my dear readers, Manuel doesn’t sing. He dances. Alright!

6. Dref Umali



Dref is an Operations Management major.There are some guys who are always into what they do, busy people and stuff. But he is a different kind of guy. He never bustles, he chills out and never experienced stress, perhaps. He is just a cool, lax dude. Let’s just say that he’s living young and taking things slow. His hobbies in four words: Sleep. Eat. Drink. Rave.

7. JJ Facundo


JJ is a 3rd year Accounting Technology student.Guys play sports and JJ is into billiards. His passion includes trying something new most of the time. He has soft side when it comes to kids, he takes care of his nieces and nephews! Totes adorbs!

8. Jared del Rosario


This dude is a great basketball player. And by great, I mean really great. No kidding or whatevs but I have seen him play with some of our friends during a fellowship of our organization. His got the moves! Maybe if we have a basketball court at school, you’ll see him there most of the time. However, you can spot him bicycling around Army Gym in Taguig. He always listens to good music for instant good vibes! Jared is a 2nd year Financial Management student. Wish to see him around? I bet some of you are eyeing him around campus haha.

9. Christian Miranda


Christian plays basketball and he was with us during the fellowship. As far as I can remember, he and Jared are teammates. Sorry poor memory, fellowship was back in October last year. Anyways, he is not into dribbling and shooting but spiking and serving too! He plays volleyball as well.  He always hangs out at Starbucks, The Grove Rockwell. And just like most of us, he barely can’t decide what frappe to have. His fave SB drink? All frappuccinos.

10. Cholo Pascual


Were you taken a back? Has this name and photo flabbergasted you? Come on I know you were dumbfounded. Admit that you were startled. Be honest with your feelings, you were surprised. Aren’t you? Has your brain rummaged all the memories you have, remembering if you have seen this guy around school? Okay, so enough with those things, Cholo is just one of the many fresh faces you’ll see this year. As a hobby, he plays a fun and challenging trading card game called “Magic the Gathering”. With his tall height, no wonder that he plays basketball! This dude also sings for a hobby, not a talent of some sort. Some may be into frappe, but he is into milktea! Maybe we can spot him at Moonleaf or Fiftea nearby? What you think?

These are just some of the cuties you’ll meet at FEU Makati. Maybe there are still some for you to find out, discover and be friends with. This dudes are humans too, you might have a tiny crush on them but do not creep them out just to get noticed. Some of the guy’s names are linked into their respective Instagram accounts, do not just stalk but follow haha. I posted this before the classes start for you to have a little inspiration, maybe? Hahahaha. Okay anyways, happy stalking and see you around, FEU Makati peeps!

Thoughts on my blog post today? Is the guy you’re eyeing here on my post? If not, comments and let’s make another list. xx


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