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Open Letter: It’s Not Me and It’s Not You. It’s Not Us. This is Friendzone

Dear You,

Okay so, you never did tell me you liked me. You never did just tell this to your great old men but you did tell this thing to almost all of the common people we know.

It’s brave of you to say you liked me. I appreciate it. But then I don’t see you the way it is. I just don’t see the whole point. I was considering you as a friend, but then you are thinking of me greater than that. We were just starting to be friends. And with that, I cannot reciprocate your feelings.
I appreciate all your efforts in your messages. Just trying to keep the conversation long. Just trying to talk to me. I was highly gratified when you stayed up late just to talk to me because I was upset and worried.
We chat online but not personally. We do talk but those were just a bundle of “hi’s and hello’s”. Nothing really deep or something. Maybe because I found you way too matured and older than I am. And that I was scared because I can see that you’re this type of grown up guy, kind of similar to whom I want to end up with. I always dreamed of a guy someone greater than me. Someone I’ll keep looking forward to. But then you came. I’m scared because this is reality. A guy like you exists. And that guy likes me. Maybe it is you and me. Maybe it is us. But I never liked you. Maybe not today, not right now.
Because I have dreams. My own self-conceited dreams. Love is definitely on my list but I am not yet assured with myself. I still have a lot to work on to. I need to fix my life, before I fix someone else’s.
Maybe it is not me. Maybe it is not you. Maybe it is not us. We are just people who happen to knew each other’s existence and with that we’ll just learn from each other. Maybe after reading this you’ll ignore me or stay away from me. I don’t know. Maybe I don’t want to break your heart but maybe I do. Maybe after reading this you’ll realize. Maybe it’s some other girl, just for you.
Maybe you’re paranoid and saying that I am sick because you haven’t confessed to me and yet I managed to write this. Well maybe you’re just assuming that this is for you, have you ever thought of that from the start of this letter? Maybe you’ll get over me in the next days. Maybe not. But maybe one day. Not immediately but definitely. 
Maybe someday you’ll thank me because I haven’t felt the same way about you. Maybe someday you’ll be proud because you were a victim of friendzone. Because of that, you found the one who’ll tell the common friends you know that she likes you. Very much.
Yours truly,

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