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Open Letter: Was I Blind?

It’s #ThrowbackThursday!!! And it’s my first time to share you guys what I’ve written in my previous journals. I’ve written this when I was in high school. I was deeply infatuated with this dude and it was just a teenage fling thing. It was just something to look back to, you know? So here it goes…

“I am too blind. I thought that you liked me, the way you acted, before we enter high school together. The way you tweeted feels like you think of me. But then every move I make just to be a step closer to you, it’s as if you take a step back. Am I too blind to see that you hated me? If you only knew how much I felt every moment you sit beside me. If you only knew what was I thinking when you’re not there. If you only knew that I cared too much for you.


 photo credits to ETC

Am I too blind to see that you don’t really want to dance me during prom? Am I too blind to see that you are such a bad idea? You are just a total distraction. Don’t you think? Just tell me if you hated me or you don’t like me back so that I will not assume. But I’m not too blind to see that some other girl likes you. She may got your attention first but I am always hoping and thinking that I’ll be having the last word. What was I thinking? Why do you make me feel this way?
I may sound weird but I just hope that you read this in the future. Read this and I shall laugh with you as well. Thinking how much I felt gaga over you. Even the hidden messages behind your tweets I discover. This is such a time wasting stuff. I should be doing projects aside from thinking of you. I should stop. Stop. Stop over analyzing.”
After typing and deleting some personal words and admirations, I never thought that I wrote something like that the fifteen-year-old-me wrote that heartbreaking and confusing letter haha. Well, dude if you’ve read this, at least you know what I felt about you before. And thank you for making me feel and write such things. 
*If you wish to use my words, please feel free to message me or notify me. Thank you, my dear readers!*

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