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“Otherwise, what was the point in ending all the fun?”

StormyPS I Still Love You

May 26, 2015. The day most bookworms, fangirls and Hanny Badgers around the globe anticipated. It was the release date  of the sequel to NY Times Best Seller To All The Boys I’ve Loved BeforePS I Still Love You. 

I am a super die-hard fan of the books! If you’ve been following me or had read my blog posts, you might’ve encountered why am I hooked with TABILB. (If not, just rummage at my Menu under “Not Just Books”) It’s been a year since I’ve waited for the next words to that darn “Dear Peter…” and now, it all comes to an end. The book was published and it’s there! (Also read my book review under that menu as well! Thanks a bunch, lovelies!)
After constantly tweeting the author-Jenny Han- about my feels, emotions and thoughts, (she favorites and replies to my tweets!) it has come to a conclusion.

There won’t be any book three. *sobs* As tweeted by Jenny Han.

This is heartbreaking.

Okay, I know- all readers  know because I have joined discussions- that there many questions left in us. A LOT. A lot of reasons to love the book. A lot of questions left unanswered. There’s just this itchy feeling in me that needs to be scratched and soothed. I bet you feel it too! But IT IS OVER! No third book. I want to run away from reality now. Find a nice corner spot. Sob and rant all the heck that I want. Why is the universe so unfair? All that I was left with was my feelings. Peter Kavinsky, oh my!! How can I possibly move on when those books seems so real? When it was like a pattern to my life? It was my other kind of reality.
But I am still hoping and wishing for Peter Kavinsky’s point of view. It might be the one Jenny Han’s been working on. Or maybe she could just gives us tips on how to let go of the feels. Or the #PostReadingDisorder.

Come on let’s talk about P.S. I Still Love You! Leave a reply below or send me a tweet! I would like to hear from you guys. xx


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