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Happy Birthday to one of my Extracurricular Activities 

We are always been bombarded by the saying, “Live every moment like it is your last.” Perhaps they say such things because they want us to enjoy and make the most out of everything. Since our stay here on earth isn’t that long. Life is too short not to feel alive. But what would you really do if it is indeed the last? A last thing for something. I am not testifying something for someone whose life is ending. I am saying this because someone very close to my heart is having her last year as a teenager. As stated in a dictionary a teenager is someone between 13 and 19 years old. Next year, she’ll be living the second decade of her life. Time sure is a funny thing!!!

My best-est friend and I may not have always been there for each other just like other friendships that exist and we know of. Today isn’t the same as yesterdays. I might not been there for her every morning to talk to before the classes start just like in high school. I might not be the one whom she’ll wait for outside the classroom after we had eaten our food for lunch. It was our dessert, each other’s stories. But that was way back in high school. I might not be the one who’ll listen to your stories every dismissal just like what I did in high school. I might not be the one you’re waiting for or I might not be the one to wait for you when we had our extracurricular activities.

And allow me to share you guys a line from a novel and I think it suits our friendship too!

“You are my extracurricular activity.” We came home later than extracurricular activities asked for some time before. You kept me from staying at school just to hear each other’s stories. It was a great thing to look forward to after the day’s responsibilities. A way of releasing the hate and stress that the day has given much of.

We may be studying cities apart (so dramatic and exaggerated), the internet may have kept us company but we are friends. Not just that, we are best friends. We may not be the type who shared clothes, try on each other’s make ups, sleep at each other’s rooms. But we have this kind of friendship. Our best friendship that only us can understand. Something to keep and to have in our hearts.

So much things might have changed but I would like to share to the world the lessons that I learned from her:

  1. IT IS OKAY TO ASK PHOTOS WITH YOUR CRUSH. I knew this when we’re in sixth grade. It was your thing just before Ed Sheeran wrote Photograph. “We keep this love in a photograph, we make this memories for ourselves.” Okay, Ges, I know you love Ed Sheeran. You’re welcome!
  1. NEVER EVER STRESS YOURSELF TOO MUCH. I might be busy as a bee since the world has begun. But you taught me how to say “No!” to some things and just enjoy life. Don’t do things just to make you cool enough to fit. When all else fail, have a chocolate!
  1. CONSTANTLY EYE FOR INSPIRATION. Because she always asks me!!! She knows that setting your crush on someone for too long doesn’t exist in reality. “Girls must have options”, as what Stormy said in P.S. I Still Love You.
  1. ALWAYS THINK OF THE PEOPLE IN NEED. I remembered we bought breakfasts for the old couple who sells sampaguita in front of the church. We even buy some every morning for the couple to earn a living. Sure it is great to dole out, but remember that prayers are a great help too!

These were the spontaneous things I acquired. She may not remember everything. Every detail of everything, but I do. I remember things all too well. (I have journals, jsyk!)

HAPPY 19th BIRTHDAY GESSIE!!! I may not have been with you today and I may not have given you your best-est present ever, but I can return something by listening to all of your stories. You Untalkative Bunny! Haha. xx


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