What’s in my Bag?

  • After getting along with other student leaders form different organizations and a day of strenuous team building, it’s time to clean up my bag.
  • You may think it’s messy and you might even find stuff that are inappropriate. Believe me, I also don’t know why do I still had some of those inside my bag. Good thing I’m cleaning! I might be surprised to find some insects and webs in it later on. Exaggerated. Yikes!
  • “Elder” name tag– Okay, I played the role of an elder for our team building. We have crippled, deaf, mute, blind group mates. While others have autism and ADHD. We need to play our roles all through out the stations. They’re just so hard but it was fun! Absolutely. One’s weakness can be someone else’s strength.
  • Mineral water bottle– Because I haven’t finished it.
  • Brown paper bag– Where I placed my food container and the disposal fork.
  • Food container– We had this “share your lunch” part and I brought chicken pesto!
  • Unfinished cupcake– Still thinking why I didn’t eat all of it but it was good!
  • Smart prepaid sim card– We have Smart as our sponsor, and it’s a student sim. Honestly saying that my purchase has nothing to do with Taylor Swift on it.
  • Coin purse– Fare. Food. I also keep my bills there because it’s handy that way.
  • Lanyard/ID/ Name tag – The policy of “No ID, No Entry”. Name tag for them to at least know my existence thru name.
  • Uncollected food stub– It was for a snack on the last day of the event. They ended up distributing food instead.
  • Tamaraw Volunteers button pin– Given by our counterpart org in Manila.
  • Green plastic envelope– Part of the kit.


  • Carbon paper– Our team won with the cleanest area. It was split between student leaders of Manila and Makati
  • Newspaper career guide– This was given along Buendia. I love to read and it’s about “How Do You Communicate?”, way to go!
  • Disposable fork– Why didn’t I dispose it? Stupid.
  • Events Program– Part of the kit. For us to be informed of what’ll go on in the event.
  • Notepads – Part of the kit. It came with a filler too but we submitted it. They needed our reflections.
  • Black ball pen– Part of the kit.
  • Calligraphy pen – Why not?
  • Journal – Again, why not? I have to write my own feels. I create and write memories.
  • Bobby pins– These are from Danykha. With my unstable hair, I need to secure it.
  • Water container– I always bring mine to keep me hydrated. Summer heat.
  • Umbrella– Again, summer heat.
  • White Shirt– Because we finished late and we’re so hungry that we forgot to change clothes. All sweaty and tired but still enjoyed the day. Very much.

So what’s in your bag? xx


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