Another Impression of Immersion

Find yourself by attending others’ needs.

The second day of PITP 2015 focused on volunteerism and community immersion. In the morning session, we were inspired by the wondrous deeds of the speakers. It may seem impossible at first but as what Mr. Tobit said, “Impossible is temporary”. You can do things if you take action little by little.

I tweeted what one of the speakers shared to us and he favorited my tweet!
Tamaraw Volunteers Makati with Ms. Katherine Yee of World Vision

Once the seminars were done, it’s time for community immersion. Our org, together with four orgs, were assigned at Project Pearls.

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 Under the scorching heat, we arrived and did our thing. It was one of the memorable experiences I had.

  I never been to such place and it was such an eye-opener! It’s not what I see everyday. It’s something worth-remembering because of what you’ve felt. Something you need to look forward to when you feel like you were deprived of something. Those kids there may not have everything, but at least they’ve got something. 


We sang, we danced, we played exciting games and we even made puppets! Those kids also had their inner creativity. While making puppets for six kids, we shared stories. I got to know them better. Some of them settled for what they’d done. Maybe just shy and didn’t demand. But there’s this kid who kept aiming for the best. She wanted to achieve perfection for her puppet. And with that, I concluded that, that girl knows how to dream. I wish some of the other kids also dream. And they need someone to teach and guide them how to, at least.

I may had a difficult time breathing after, due to the heat and dust combined, but I have no reason to rant. Those kids live with and cope with it everyday.

After all these times, immersing yourselves like that may give you a culture shock. It’s not in your comfort zone but extending a hand will give you a wide perspective of what reality is all about.


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