First Things First

It’s a fresh new month! I’m wondering what’s in stored for me for the entire June. Nevertheless, all I know is that today I’m going to be back to FEU Manila for PITP 2015. I’ve been there the previous year with my first officership in another organization. But every experience is different from the other. This day will be different. This is a different organization. This day will be the start of another responsibility, today is my beginning as the secretary of Tamaraw Volunteers Makati.
It was unusual for me to travel to FEU Manila since I study at the Makati campus. This morning, I wondered what’s the morning scenario at Manila.   I may be there before but time, day and weather varies. It was a long travel, about an hour I guess.

 Arriving there is like a welcome saying, “Hello! Nice having you again!”. I missed it definitely! In the mini-auditorium together with the other officers, you can feel the belongingness. All are somehow not yet comfortable with each other. We have doubts of talking to the person at the back or in front of you. Well maybe your orgmate is your seatmate that’s why you’re confident talking haha.

We took an oath headed by Ms. Padaca and she left us with two challenges. First is to be registed voters. We must exercise our rights to vote as young individuals. And the last one is to run for national elections. It may be hard but it is possible! We were full of great food and great and inspiring words too!

©righful owner

The anxiety of meeting people and mingling with other orgs was quite diminished. It was easy to meet friends due to the “Resource Generation” talk held by Mr. Marco Polo. We were asked to sit with others. I found a seat somehow in front and I met Jevin, a Psychology student and Al, a Political Science student.

In the afternoon, we got the chance to defend the vision and mission of our respective orgs. Good thing we have Tamaraw Volunteers Manil with us. They are indeed a great help and I salute each one of them. But before that, FEU Makati student leaders had a mini-gathering.

©rightful owner
©rightful owner

The afternoon and early evening was spent for bonding moments with Tamaraw Volunteers Manila. They even took us at an eatery where they usually stay. It’s uplifting and heart-warming!!! We shared stories and it was nice we found similarities and whatsoever. They are indeed great leaders based on what they’ve done. I hope we’ll be molded just like them :)

©rightful owner

PITP 2015 day 1 is an experience to remember. You are trained to be leader but you are trained to make connections too!  I can feel  the next days will be awesome too! And it’s the first day, there’s more to come.

And that’s my first day of June. How did you start your month? xx


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