P.S. I Still Love You by Jenny Han


I have been in the shadows of agony. For almost a year. I did not get Lara Jean and Peter out of my head. Wondering of the couple I shipped the most, that heartbreaking cliff hanger, THAT darn “Dear Peter…” It was a very long wait but it is something. I have read the sample on iBooks months ago, and from that moment I cannot handle myself anymore. The feels are just too much. And it was more of a pain than that darn “Dear Peter…” (!!!)

The novel started with Lara Jean’s letter to Peter, the continuation of that upsetting “Dear Peter…” ’s ending of the first book, To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. Just like any letters she has written before, she holds nothing back. She puts all her heart and soul into it. But this time, she is in hesitation of sending it or just settle with at-least-I-wrote-what-I-feel feeling. And then you’ll never know what your life could turn out to be.


Read my book review:
“I’ve instructed the three of them to collect scraps from magazines, and other little bobbles and buttons.”

The novel talks about so many aspects in life that you really thought you are reading someone else’s diary. Or watching your friend’s life. Or even putting your feet in Lara Jean’s shoes. For real. Like, this is not a Young Adult novel. It is more spontaneous. It lives in our time. As in right now, hello Instagram and memes. Almost everyone nowadays fires back with harsh words.

It talks about friendship. Bringing back the old days, spending time together after a long time and continuing just the same. But there are friendships once it was broken, it is gone forever. Friends can be strangers too. People come out of her life but there are those who come in, in different ages. She just do not know whom you’ll end as friends with. A friend whom she never expected.

It is good Lara Jean has someone to give her advices and girl talk – since Margot is at Scotland. Break ups and heartbreaks can be hard. On the other hand, a girl talk can always mend it. She may have her dad to talk to but then it’s awkward. Nevertheless it gives him pain that she didn’t talk to him when she’s having a tough time. The novel talked about sex not in the lustful and salacious way, but how teenagers must be aware of it and how to value oneself.

Lara Jean is so sweet, ready to lend a hand, appealing and amusing but despite all odds, she also has a dirt in herself. She is not a total Goody-Two Shoes. She is also a “witch with a b”, in her own way. Just like normal girls do, and from which may you love about her even more.

Lara Jean Song Covey and Peter Kavinsky. So perfect for each other. We even ship them. They are everyone’s OTP!!! This novel talked more of first loves! Young love. The kind of love that you’ll never forget because you never felt young and free and in love at the same time. But if you don’t feel you haven’t found the one right now, just wait. As said, there are a lot of options for you. Get your hopes up. “If you don’t get it, it wasn’t your time yet. But one day maybe it will be.”

Just like any stories, it won’t be any juicier and more intense if there is no antagonist. And of course there will always be Genevieve. Always there to get Lara Jean jealous. She’ll always be doing her thing and still clinging to Peter. Ugh. But in the end, she and Lara Jean sort of straightened things out. At least they are clear. Peter will always be Peter, that cool, lax and charming dude whom everyone adores! But Peter got jealous too. Wondering to whom?! It’s for you to read and find out. I wish I’ve read more of that one because imagining him is just so cute! Totes adorbs!

Lastly, this book taught about appreciating the moments that occurred in your life. Maybe they are not just accidents and coincidences. They are ought to happen. This is about growing up. Letting go, perhaps. Saying goodbye.

Maybe this is isn’t goodbye. Jenny Han left us with f*cked up feelings last time, and this is the real end to it? I was expecting some grand romantic gesture. But the ending was cheesy though. Really. Just like it might have been. Always. The real love they truly deserve.

I have waited so long for this book, it also gave me my first TRUE love story, I wish it wasn’t over yet. *ugly cries*


Get to know more about this book. P.S. I Still Love You is out now


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