Selflessness and Selfishness

Selfless. That’s what the majority is teaching us. You may have acquired it inside the house, your community, school, church and even your own life’s experiences. You need to serve others. And as a part of an organization, we have this motto “Service above Self”. Serving till you had given what you have, till you have satisfied what they are lacking of. 

There will come a time that you are no longer taking care of yourself. You had given much that none was left for you. You barely have time to do things for yourself. You helped people but then you see they’re quite growing from it but you can’t get enough of it because serving and being selfless became your thing. They were a part of you. You were committed to it. Nevertheless, there are other things how to be selfless. You have to give up your own happiness just to make others happy. And you have to study that certain college program because your parents want you to be successful in that field. Being selfless, you did not argue and went for it. Along the way, you thought that you are making a life today for the future. But you cannot see yourself in the future you are making.

photo credits to Warner Bros.

You cannot be total selfless. And so you did things for yourself. You became selfish. You need to find time to discover yourself. You cannot balance being selfless and selfish. One will always be dominant to the other. You cannot be happy being selfless even if it bring contentment to the people you are serving. And that is being selfish. They are so happy for the things you have done for them but what about you? Did someone bother to ask how are you doing? And you started asking yourself, “How about me?”. That’s why sometimes you have to be selfish.

There are times you are selfish even without knowing it. For instance, inside a class while others are failing, you continue to celebrate because you are passing. You are so grateful and you shouted for the world to know that you did it, despite others’ mourn.

And you have to be selfish in taking the love you really deserve. A lot of people may be loving you but you pushed others aside. You push away the ones you think you do not need. You have to be selfish in giving back the love that they are sending you. As what one of my friends say, “It’s all a give and take situation”. 

You have to be selfless. You have to be selfish. But whatever you do, remember that you are still serving. If not others, you are finally doing it for yourself.



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