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Yardstick: One Strong, Hot Afternoon

“Yardstick is a coffee company at heart.” 
This is the first line at their manifesto. I bet you didn’t see Yardstick as a coffee shop. 

My girl friends and I decided to visit this very great place to spend the afternoon with. Since it’s just a walk from school and I am in dire need of something to blog about.

Take a peek at their coffee machine.

  Third wave cofshops are so trendy right now and Yardstick is definitely a must-try!

Standing in front of their menu will take you forever. As if you wanna try every coffee they have. But first, lemme take a photo!
Choosing what drink to have might take forever, as if you wanna try every coffee they have.

You may have your own blend at home!
Master of all creations!
Fill me. Pour me.

While waiting for our food and drinks to arrive, we were served with a tall glass bottle of water [as a pitcher]. Voila! Such resourcefulness and beauty.

Red Velvet Waffle with cream cheese and chocolate at Yardstick Coffee.
Red Velvet Waffle with cream cheese and chocolate.

Most girls love anything Red Velvet, and if you do as well this waffle is TDF! I’m telling you! *drool*. We also tried Salted Caramel waffle. By the time we were trying these, there sure is an apple flavor we tasted. It was there in a good…. err. BETTER way! Or was it just us? Hahaha.

Salted Caramel with Vanilla Ice Cream and Caramel sauce

White Mocha Latte

A visit at Yardstick won’t be complete without trying coffee! I had white mocha latte which you may think is fancy and cute and sweet and yeah, you get the idea. But at Yardstick, they are serious about their coffee.

Theo Philo products.

We were serious about our coffee experience and look at what we’ve done… Oooh!

It’s miserable and magical. Oh yeah!

  “It is never about us; it will always be about the coffee and the relationships we make along our journey.”

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