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Your Tasty Fix

I wanna start off by apologizing for how late I’m posting this graphic! I was at work all day yesterday and haven’t gotten a chance to hunt a graphic down yet! Then again, I could always look for these in advanced…

Anyways! Today’s graphic is on coffee vs. beer! I’ve seen other graphics and articles about how beer affects you verses coffee, so I thought it would be something interesting to talk about! I should point out that I’m actually not old enough to drink beer yet, so I can’t say if I’ve felt these affects personally, but maybe you have!

This graphic was also found on Pintrest, but the cite it linked back to had a poor quality picture, so I found the graphic on the Huffington Post. As always, I will like the picture below.

Part 1

I didn’t know the science behind what happens to the brain when one…

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