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Voguish Impel

We always face drama in our day-to-day lives. It may be due to your simple worries that end up eating you the whole morning once you woke up. And you suddenly get this feeling of dread and wanting the comfort of your bed and warm hugs from your blankets and fluffy pillows. Or worse, a person ruins your day by doing something unlikely.

But nevertheless, there are some things that may keep us moving forward. For instance, a simple good morning may remind us that someone thinks of us by the time they woke up or even a prepared breakfast waiting for our indulgence. Some mornings aren’t the same, some of us start the day by stalking great feeds and blogs to keep us inspired.
Here are some words from one of my greatest girl friends I met during college, Shekinah Calunsag, to help you motivated during the lonely hours of your life.

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White Lace Top: Hug, Royal Blue Origami Shorts : Paper Scissors, Blue Dollshoes: Solemate…. Boutiques can be found at SM Manila

Life is cruel,
Life is unpredicted,
But when the time comes that it strikes you down,
Stand firm & Keep on going!

Failure tells us who we are exactly what to be - to achieve our dreams or to make another.
The Copycat.

Failure tells us who we are exactly what to be – to achieve our dreams or to make another.

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A great book, a cold coffee and a hot afternoon.

 Love will make you Brave.

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Typical day in a comfortable girly outfit

Happiest people are the strongest.
Because out of their present is a past that made them the loneliest but survived by courageousness.

follow her on instagram @nesichashekinah

 He’s plans are always better than ours. So let God be God!

Have you liked Shekinah’s impelling words?  Will you consider one as your mantra? Or you liked her OOTD? Lemme know! xx
Connect with Shekinah through Instagram @nesichashekinah :))


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