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My Friends’ To-Do List: It’s Not Summer Without You [Trying These]

How are you coping up with the summer heat? Well, as for me, aside from surviving the scorch, I also need to make it through my summer class! *you think it’s lame? i think naaah!* But here are some of what my girl friends have planned on the warmest season of the yeaaaar. And yeah I think they’re plans are cooler than mine!!!

“I wanna try skiing but it’s kinda impossible haha. I wanna go to white beaches then try island hopping and cliff jumping. Anything adrenaline and adventures. I like that. :3” –Shekinah Calunsag

“I wanna try skateboarding and drumming in a real show.” –Judy Ellis

 “I’m looking forward to the release of P.S. I Still Love You! Since I didn’t enroll for summer class, I’m gonna binge-watch & catch up with my fav series (esp Reign, Suits & Bates Motel) And because of this too hot *hot damn* weather, I love me some swimming & beachin’! ‘Cause what’s summer without going to the beach, right?” -Steph Hazel


“I look forward to hang out and catch up with people close to me. Spending quality time with them on a summer getaway would be the bomb. 😊” -Francine Rivera

“Go on a roadtrip with friends!! 😊 I would like to try atv, rollercoaster zipline and giant swing at sandbox pampanga. 😊And island hopping too! Hahaha.” -Nicole Lascano

What are the things you do to survive the summer heat? Are they same as yours? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment. I would like to hear from you :)) xx


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