Open Letters

Open Letter: You Know How It Felt To Be Alone

Dear You,

You’ve always been fascinated by how God puts the persons in your life. Some of them are for keeps, while others are there for just a moment. Friends come into your life to find our purpose in them and God placed them for a certain reason. Perhaps to help you grow, to support them discover who they are, to inspire, to bring out the best in them, to lend a helping hand, to be the solution if there seems no way out, to cheer them up through rough times, to find out their mission here on earth and to prevent us from being a harmful person. Harmful persons must be avoided and you must not be one.

There may be times you wonder what went wrong when you were just sharing stories and laughing today.  But the next day, you are total strangers and ignoring when you passed by each other.

You want to approach your friend but you are afraid of the circumstances.

You believe in the saying, “You cannot please everybody” and so you do not chase after the memories that you once shared and those that might have been.

You do not went after her because you kept on singing to Taylor Swift’s Mean repeating the words, “All you are is mean, and a liar and pathetic and alone in life and mean, and mean” just to make you feel better *even if that did sound mean*.

You know that with just one say, she can turn all your friends into enemies.

You live by the saying that words can make or break someone.

You are aware she has broken you a bunch of times but you just shook it off, because you know that it’s her way of making herself.

You want to help her out in so many things, but she always refuses.


It may not be directly but she always thinks how better she is to everyone. She may be doing great in everything, you are even proud of her in so many levels! But you understand she still needed help. She thinks of herself in the highest position, like no one should get into her way, that you have never really impressed her or made you feel any better despite everything!


Nevertheless, you chose to be a friend, STILL. How long will you hold onto the friendship if there seems no reason at all? You remain to be a friend because you know how it felt to be alone, how it felt when you like to talk to someone but terrified you’re different, how it felt to be stabbed a bunch of times which created ugly scars and how it felt to be the one to forget all the good times you had.

Maybe you just have to let go. You’ve had enough. Circumstances occurred for a reason. You’ve done so much for that so-called friendship. Remember that some of them are just there for a moment. You may met a lot of persons but only a handful are for keeps. Now you know who to avoid, I hope you turn out not to be one.

From the girl who has been there before,


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