Speech On Conquering Fears

We had public speaking as part of our final term last month. It was given a week ahead but I had a hard time to compose the “perfect piece” that I ended up procrastinating and had sleepless nights. Because I felt I was a shitty writer or the words did not feel right. But things fell into good place, I finished my paper in last minute and I got a perfect score in the piece and speech delivery! So here’s what I presented in class:

Can you imagine a huge man who has a sword being defeated by a small guy who happens to just have a slingshot with him? David conquered Goliath because he focused on the greater things that will follow. He faced Goliath and did not fear him. We all have Goliaths in our lives, these are the ones that hinders us from doing things beyond our grasp. Bro. Bo Sanchez once said that if you want to serve, you must not be afraid to show people your strength.

Leader, a great label with great responsibility. Some people want to lead but they are afraid of disappointments, expectations, failures and criticisms. Leaders do things for the people despite the unruly circumstances. Just like our former president, he led our country in a different manner but the citizens failed to realize its benefit. Now, we have unworthy leaders. The real ones are those who live in fear. How can we unveil what the world has instored for us if we are terrified of changes? How can we be ready for globalization, the way countries and people interact and integrate?

We’re not ready to face the world if we fear, if we are afraid. We cannot just rely on these lousy leaders that we have now. You know you are a leader and you want change, take chances because you are a David and you are stronger than your Goliath!

This is the 21st century my dear friends, the future lies in us! Be strong, take chances and lead. Let us proudly take our slingshots of believing   in ourselves and face our Goliaths because we are stronger than that! 

I bet you have fears that you still need to conquer. And I hope my blog post did help you a bit. Thoughts about my blog post? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below or share this to your social media accounts. xx


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