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Desperate and Trying

Veronica Roth, the author of Divergent, Insurgent, Allegiant and Four once said…

Consider getting desperate. Desperate to write, desperate to get that story on the page, desperate to let the characters speak and desperate to finish.

And this woke me up, I am desperate.

I am a desperate person. I am desperate to discover myself, to find out what is instored for me, to unfold the better version of myself, to realize what else I can do up to my maximum potential, to get the hang of my God- given talents and to try new things.

Speaking of, these are the things that I am desperately looking forward to accomplish this year.

  1. Improve my handwriting and calligraphy. I’ve always been in love with scribbling and doodling. It’s time for my hobby to get on the next level. 
  2. Read more books. I know that there are new releases by authors I don’t know that much and by the authors that I have met and I’m really excited for those! And this year, I’m stoked for the authors to visit the Philippines soon!!!  
  3. Surprise myself even more. I have always been fascinated by a lot of things! But I was surprised I was able to do that to myself. I sound ludicrous, don’t I? It’s just that looking back, I didn’t expect I am finally doing things I was once afraid of. Like blogging, for instance. 
  4. Don’t settle for mainstreams. I believe that there are great things out there, that deserve more attention than any other trends right now. So I must seek the Great, perhaps.    
  5. Lastly, make this blog grow and post more. I am not yet even attaining 50 posts but I am losing commitment to my site. Nevertheless, I must try. And be desperate.  

Kimono: Online shop *Oops! site forgotten sorry*, Tank Top: Stradivarius, High-waisted Pants: Forever 21, Sandals: Rubi Shoes, Watch: Baby-G

So I hope I will be able to do those 5 things this year. Maybe even better in just a couple of months? And notice anything new?  This is a fashion blog post! I made an improvement! Haha. Did you like it? I hope this won’t be the first and last fashion blog post.

 Share me your thoughts by leaving a comment here or connect with me on social media. xx


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