This Is Not Just An Appreciation

I always knew that I still wanted to be a student leader in my college life but I underestimated myself at first. But there were family and friends who encouraged me to go for it, and an alumnus who inspired me through his seminar. I applied for a position, the interview went, later they called me and said that they wanted me for a better one. And within a year, I served at the organization, became a member of a family which I really wanted to be a part of and had a journey of a lifetime. I was not just a student, but a student leader. It was an honor to be one but it came with greater responsibilities. So over the year, I was a student leader, an officer, a collector of org fund, a guardian of our treasures, a keeper of the transactions, a seller of our merchandise, a preparer of financial summaries, a follower and a servant. I know that it was not a smooth journey; there were problems, holdbacks, shortcomings and misinterpretations.

I worked with amazing and witty accountants in the making. It was such a surprise that we tagged along within a few gatherings. In the getting-to-know-each-other phase, we went places, attended conference, tried a milkshake, sang our hearts out in karaoke, took an oath, met other student leaders, involved in team building and planned the upcoming federation year. Then as the year started, we carried out what we learnt in seminars, arranged project proposals, welcomed our members, reviewed for the qualifying exam, spent time with fellow aspiring accountants, won as the overall champion in our university’s sports fest, shared and ate a huge pizza, spread love by sending cookies on V-Day and elected the next set of officers. We may not have followed fully what was in our plan of action but we made things happen in some ways. As a matter of fact, we have breakthrough as the theme for the year.

As this is ending, let me break it to you that this is not just an appreciation or telling-how-my-year-was post. This is actually a farewell. Of course, I need to depart to my position, my co-officers, and to the organization I served because my term has ended! I will still be around at school and still be a member of the org. I want to share my farewell and admiration to everyone who showed me love, care, support, respect, compassion, patience and trust; especially to my family, who supported me financially, approved every permission I asked and listened to every experience I had; my friends, my stress relievers, who supported along the way and never got tired of my endless drama from to run for a position or not, to this is so stressful! I am doing a lot of things I’ll catch up with you guys later and to this thing creeps me out! How will I able to do this? (You-could’ve-just-let-me-do-that-myself incident) and who listened to my sentiments; our school staff who helped us in filing and approving our papers and project proposals; my co-officers who taught me the values of respecting others’ time, communication, understanding each other’s variances especially in terms of financial status/location, compassion despite the dereliction of an officer, our members and fellow future accountants, who supported the org throughout the year, taught me to gain self-confidence to the fact that I was FC (feeling close!) and I even made friends I did not expect to have; and mainly God, who gave me a great year, the master of all the happenings and made me who I am today.

There’s more to come, though I am barely sure of, and as I move on with the next chapter of my journey by serving another organization, this was the reason why people trust me to serve again. It may be a different one, different position, different persons to work with and I may have become a different person in the latter but one thing is for sure, I have grown from this. If it wasn’t for this, I could not have done things I never thought I could. And I bet that anyone could not tell a year ago when a freshman student, who everyone barely knows, applied for a position but offered another and cried during the interview can have this as her breakthrough.

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You have experiences same with mine? I would love to hear from you! Share them by leaving a comment below! xx :))


2 thoughts on “This Is Not Just An Appreciation

  1. You never fail to make time and read worthy articles. In fact, you’ve just given me an idea. Hahaha :D Thank you for the year we shared being co-officers of our well-respected organization! I assure you I had a blast spending my officership with you!

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