Go Back On The Road Again

It has been a month since I last shared you stuff that are going through my head. There are just so many things that hinders us from reaching the destination, which is doing the things we love the most. 

Some continues along the bumpy and winding road. While some let themselves be stuck in traffic not considering to reroute and wait the red light to go green. This is similar in hindering yourself to discover who you truly are. 

“Focus on the journey, not the destination.”

I told myself before that here in my second site, I will commit myself to writing. But what is happening? Let me remind you that some of your plans aren’t the ones followed most of the time. There are circumstances you’ll divert, stuck in traffic or reroute even.

You’ll encounter signs along the way, telling you what you must do and directing you to where you must go. But you are in charge of where you are going. Signs are just signs until you follow them till you reach your destination. Or ignore them and because you are so used to it!

But whatever happens, no matter how long it took you, I know for sure you’ll go back on the road again to discover yourself and continue pursuing your passion. 

Thoughts? xx :))


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