Support my Best friend

Best friends do most things together. We share moments of cheerfulness, sorrow, desperation, frustration, giddy moments, and even the times we are torn between choosing what’s what. Mostly, we are affected of what our best friends feel; when someone is happy our whole gang will celebrate, and if someone hates some other people, we get to hate them too! The power of friendship or sisterhood is ridiculously funny. Unfortunately, there are times we cannot be with your friends. Due to different circumstances, we barely see each other. But what is important is that we know deep in our hearts we are friends, sisters even after all! With the different paths that we took, together with our courses/subjects that do not seem to meet halfway, all we have to do is to support each other. Exchanging encouraging messages and sending a simple “How are you?” lifts the spirit up. We support each other with so many things! Especially when someone is joining a contest, we cheer someone up and pray that she’ll win! I believe you are friend and you do that as well.

In line with this, I ask you to support my best friend with her contest/project. There’s only a little time left before the deadline. (11:59pm, Philippine time)


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