She Feels She’s Not Herself Anymore

She feels she’s not herself anymore,

She doesn’t act the way that she did.

She used to be in her comfort zone, 

Now she’s in the limelight where most sought to go.

Then she entered a door,

Didn’t know where it will lead,

She tracked what they have shown,

And realizes it’s not what she desired, though.


Confused with shits and craps going all over,

She fails to write and express her state of mind, 

There are stuff that were left undone,

She even lacks time for her everyday solitude.

She barely slept thinking of whatsoever,

Pondering if her life will have its chance to bind.

She became pessimist and ignored all the fun,

She wonders if it’s even her character and attitude.


Before long she was one of the new romantics, 

One who hangs-out with strangers and surprisingly with fellas,

She went out with one, was it even a date?

But then she is waiting for someone right to come along.

She was lax afore with her academics, 

But her rue was alleviated by enchanting Nutellas.

Still furious with tomorrow, yet left it all to fate,

She just promised to dance and sing her favorite song.


She doesn’t give importance with her books,

They are all half-done sitting in the corners,

She didn’t care how much she spent,

Because she finally found her true passion.

She has no idea how long it will took;

To familiarize all these fictional characters,

Time is an absurd road in bent, 

Keep on going despite the hesitation.


She’s not the one whom she spoke to the mirror,

It’s not her voice she hears when she communicates,

It’s not her image she once knew,

Not even her brain that works when she thinks of what she aspired to be.

She really thinks she’s not herself anymore,

She’ll probably figure it all out when she contemplates.

But there’s one thing I ask you,

If she is not herself, then who is she?


Written with my heart and soul, I hope you won’t publish this or some words within this without my permission. If you do wish to post this elsewhere aside from using the WordPress share buttons, send me a tweet or leave a comment :)) I do like to hear something from you! xx


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