Dear Girlfriend-I Wish-I-Had-On-Valentine’s-Day

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Every Valentine’s Day, guys send traditional flowers and chocolates for their ladies. It’s a must for couples to go out on a dinner or visit some place romantic. Some even exchange cheesy messages. But girls are not the only ones who pine for something cheesy, who weep because they do not have their guys with them on a very lovely day and who hope they have someone to tell what their heart screams.

Guys are also like girls, you know? They’re also wishing to spend the V-day with their special someone.

These are the words that should have been said to their girlfriends on Valentine’s Day:

valentine guys_1

For me, every day is Valentine’s Day when I’m with you. I love you!”
Yoda Nakajima, Far Eastern University Manila 

valentine guys_2I will tell my girlfriend that I love her and no one can love her like I do. Because my love for my girlfriend is through infinity and beyond. Having a girl is awesome because your girl will understand you whether you are right or wrong.
Carl Sordan, St. Francis School Santa Ana 

valentine guys_3“Honey, your smile is the cutest smile I’ve ever seen. You’re so special that even special bibingka ay hiyang hiya sayo. You’re the most wonderful person I’ve met who encourage me not to give up on things rather than take it as a challenge. Happy Valentine’s Day, Honey! I love you. I will make you smile and [I will] court you every day :* ”
Christian Miranda, Far Eastern University Makati 

valentine guys_4“I realized how blessed I am to find myself in your presence. I am more than grateful for having someone to spend the highest of the highs and the lowest of the lows with. We’ve come a long way but there’s still much ahead of us. Here’s to the better ways with you. I love you.”
Jed Villena, De La Salle University 

valentine guys_6“I appreciate every single minute that I’ve spent together with you. So let’s make this the most memorable day of the year.”
John Creo, Far Eastern University Makati 

valentine guys_5“Roses might be red, violets are blue. The days are sweet to be with you, as days without you would be of dead. You are my love and I am thine as you’d always be my Valentine”
Dylan Josh Lopez, Adamson University 

These guys haven’t found the right one yet. They are also waiting for the someone to come along in God’s perfect timing, just like us princesses in our castles. We all have to be patient and wait. For how long? Until the time is right. There may be moments we think that this person we’ve met and talked to is the right one. Then we realize, it’s not working out. This is not our happily ever after. There is someone who deserves more of our love and who can love us as much as we love them.

These are the words with no specific recipients yet. How are you feeling girls? Have you imagined a guy of yours saying those cheesy words? Or have you seen the man of your dreams in this blog post? Tell me how you feel by leaving a comment below or sending me a tweet! Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! :)) xx


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