Open Letters

Saturday Afternoon Daydreams and Assumptions

Hey You,

I didn’t expect to be with you. You sat by my right then you paid for your fare. I thought it was just a typical jeepney ride on a Saturday afternoon. I was busy with iBooks and I’m rooting for the novel to be finished. As I read, I can feel that you are looking at what I am reading, the power of peripheral vision. I am so annoyed or bugged or whatever that I looked into you. To find out who you are, perhaps? As I turned my head to look at you, our eyes did not meet because you looked away. You are a college student as well, sans the uniform. Okay I may sound cliché, but most girls feel kilig whenever they see a cute guy around and the daydreaming lasts for at least a minute. It is filled with “what ifs”. But mine was full of not just a “what if” but “wh” questions. Why did you peeked at what am I reading? Do you read books, too? I wish you do and you could’ve asked me. We could’ve have talked about books, authors and fictional characters. What if we liked the same book? When did you start liking reading? Have you shouted for the world to know about your love for YAs? And we might have shared our love. Yes, love for books! Duh? But that didn’t happen. You are busy with your own world. How did I know? You’ve got earphones on, dude! I am also busy with mine. But our worlds could’ve collided though.

I thought I’ll be the only one left in the jeepney since I always go down at the last stop. But we were three, you, me and a woman, who missed her stop kilometers away. As I stepped down, the wind came. Not too strong for my skirt to flutter all the way up. Thankfully, that would be embarrassing! It was just enough for you to step on it and say your apologies. That made me smile. To my surprise, we also shared the ride home with a tricycle. But this time, we are not seating beside each other. You went for a ride at the driver’s back while I was inside. I was thinking of having another piece of information by knowing where your stop is.  Apparently, I had mine before you. That moment, I wished EDSA’s traffic was along our streets. As pay for my fare, we had our final gaze. You went down from where you’re seated. You smiled and I wished there could be something else. But you just switched your space and went inside. It was unfair. I only had a little piece of information about you. My phantasm is now over. That was it. We won’t cross paths again. *maybe?*

From the girl who lost herself in few minutes of daydreaming and assumed too much just because you peeked into her phone; shared a tricycle with; went down with a smile just to switch place,

P.S. I don’t know if there’s any chance you’ll read this, but if you do make sure that it’s you. You don’t want to lose yourself in a daydream and let your assumptions get in your nerves.

Have you ever had a minute encounter with a cute guy and that was it, no other chances? Care to share? Or you wanted to send me a slap and scream at me saying “You’re pathetic, get over it!” Share your thoughts about my blog post by leaving a comment or by sending me a tweet! :)) xx


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