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Love Yourself, Value Your Self-Worth

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Loving yourself is the greatest love you’ll ever give and receive.

Having a hard time figuring out how to love yourself? Or are you thinking twice if you are loving yourself in the right way? There are so many things to love about you, I bet! Start by walking in front of a mirror, look at yourself and find something amazing. It may be your cute tiny toe nails, little scar you got from riding a bicycle, astounding curves at your hips and “all those little things! .But if you think love is nowhere, pause for a while, look around and observe. We have our friends, family and God who loves us dearly. Why not add yourself to your long list of lovers? Besides, there are so many reasons why you have to and how to adore yourself. My friends shared how they are doing it.

love yourself_1 “For me, loving yourself is being selfish and selfless in life. It’s ‘Give and Take’ where you’re selfless and you give yourself fulfillment when you give to others while being selfish at times and taking what you know you deserve.”
Doly Arm Cruz, Far Eastern University Makati

love yourself_2“I can show that I love myself by simply being me. Stop loving the person you wish you were and start loving and accepting the real you. Have confidence and be proud of who you are.”
Paulette Maryzen Carpio, San Beda College Manila 

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“Through believing in myself, I guess. My confidence goes on and off and I think I can do more things when I learn to believe on what I can do.”
Gessie Alethea Krishnan, University of Santo Tomas

love yourself_4“I can show that I love myself by taking care of my mind, body and soul. I am doing things that I think are good enough for me, [example] by giving opinions,loving others or simply helping them, you are exercising self-worth. In that way, I can feel that someone needs me and I can give myself to them. I feel happy about it. ”
Marian Veronica de Jesus, Far Eastern University Makati 

love yourself_5Dress appropriately. Loving oneself means looking presentable every time and being decent on your clothes. This does not mean covering up all your skin though as it goes with the occasion and you don’t go beyond limits, respect will always be earned.”
Rhobe Mitch Ailarie Parel, De La Salle University

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Their opinions may vary from yours. Showing love and affection may be done in different ways. We accept the love we think is right for us and reciprocate what they had given.  You need to love yourself in order for you to admit the love the others will provide you. You may not feel their love just yet because you, yourself cannot feel it within you. Love yourself as to what God has completed you. The rest will follow suit!

Thoughts about the stuff I wrote? Care to share how are you loving yourself? Love yourself, you are worthy! :)) xx


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