Current Status: In A Relationship

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I love myself. I love the things I do. I do the things I love. There may be times that I hate myself and loving the person I wish I am, wishing that I was someone else. But in those times, I am forgetting that I am in a relationship. I’ve been in it for 18 years long! With whom you wonder? I am in a relationship with myself.

We have an idea on what they do in a typical boyfriend-girlfriend relationship. We’ve seen it in movies, read it in novels and heard it from our friends. They buy gifts for their other half, dedicate love songs to one another, exchange cheesy messages, and most especially they go on a date. I go on a date too, not with a boyfriend. But with myself. You do it also, you just did not know yet.

Here’s what I do when I go on a date with myself, these are the things you might also be doing:

  1. Saving up to buy things you love the most – Others want fine clothes, sparkling jewelries, and latest gadgets from someone they love. Well, I prefer books! Paperbacks, hard bounds and boxed sets are must-haves. But in order for me to buy those, I need to save up. Some say that it is costly, you spend 300-700 pesos on a single book, then what? You know the story then it is over! But there’s something special in books. Books aren’t just books, if you are a bookworm you know what I mean. Well if you are not, try to read a book and get hooked!
  1. Milk tea dates– I treat myself with my favorite milk tea in my favorite milk tea shop alone. Yes, sometimes, I do it by myself. You may think it is pathetic and lonely, seeing other tables occupied by hyper teenagers hanging out, maybe a sentimental family gathering, or employees having a lazy afternoon meeting. I am not afraid that I do not have an acquaintance. Actually I am appreciating it, because I am with myself. I am enjoying a day with myself, seizing every moment of just being with my character. It’s just me and my favorite milk tea doing the things I love, like writing down my thoughts.
  1. Penning down my thoughts – I keep a journal with me and I bring it almost everywhere, pens included! Why? I never know when a great idea or a thought will enter my mind. Traditional pen and paper is great because I’ll be able to insert little drawings, doodles and practice calligraphy! Writing down is also like talking, but in this case I talk to myself. In a not-so-weird way.
  1. Singing on the top of my lungs – Singing along with our favorite singers makes us feel good, right? It may be reaching those high notes or chanting of the “ooooh” and “yeah” parts, but they must be definitely sung as well!
  1. Create art – I am a crafty person! In making art, I use paper as my medium. I am not a pro or aspiring to be a Picasso paper artist, I just get a kick for doing it. I love cutting papers, turning them into something but still paper! I like pasting them together and I usually end up with spider-web-like thing caused by dried glue on my hands. I enjoy bulletin boards, collages and scrap booking!

Remember that dates must be memorable! Do something worthy, something you will miss in the latter. Show love to yourself by giving time to the things you love. Break free from the stress this life has to offer. Take time to love yourself. Cheers to more dates and long live with ourselves!

What are you doing when you go on a date with yourself? Are we doing same things? If not, how are you doing this? Thoughts about my blog? Feel free to leave a comment or send me a tweet! :)) xx


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