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Are You Engaged?

Did you know that when you have a business, you are also married? Yes! Starting up a business is like a wedding. You are committed to it.

Just like in marriage, there are ups and downs in businesses. You are pleased when you are earning a profit, meeting new customers and keeping them stable, and especially when you are expanding! You even shout for the world to know how much you love your business!!!

photo via Disney Pixar

But unfortunately, there are rough parts of your relationship as well. There will come a point that your resources are very low, you’ve got the same idea as the others and you freaking do not know where to get ideas from, and worse you are not earning.

There are factors to be considered in being committed, both in business and marriage. Money, time, effort, knowledge and location (where to put your business or to live?). With a little amount of love with what you do every day, you are making people happy.

“Business help build economy and make our life happy”

The only thing that can separate you from your business is death. Yes! You vowed to it “Till death do us part”, just before you started putting it up.

These are the lessons I’ve learnt from our Alternative Class, Engagement Ring.

Are you ready to be committed? Or are you at the moment? Share your thoughts by leaving a comment below! :)) xx


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