Friday Morning Chill


For this semester I only have two classes every Tuesdays and Fridays. But today, I only had one class which is Programming from 7:30-9:00am. Like I really need to wake up very early just to attend my one and only class then go home and sleep afterwards, win-win situation? Hmmm… Anyways, as I stepped outside the elevator I was surprised by the silence that welcomed me. Like you could really hear an owl’s “kroo kroo kroo” haha :)) I found my block mate, Nikki, and asked where the heck others went given that it’s almost 7:30 am. Unfortunately, our fellow block mates were excused today because they participated at the Foundation Week at the Manila campus yesterday. So it means that we, the seven free-sectioned students, were the only ones attending the Programming class. We’re supposed to have our quiz but we ended up talking codes and lessons in a non-formal yet knowledgeable manner, googling stuff, checking e-mails, sharing things we read on the web, commenting on my blog and exchanging jokes with our professor. Quiz rescheduled, yay!

Left: Nikki, Hannah, Shekinah, Seamae, Lovely and our professor Right: Me, Jason and Patrick

We were thinking where to go and what to do after class (was it really a class? Kidding :)) ). Someone joked about having a pizza, and pinpointing someone who’ll pay the bill. Pizza in the morning? Yeah, pizza time is perfect every time! Thank God for a very great location of our university. We are surrounded with different restaurants and establishments, where we can hang out by foot! The 7 of us, together with Patrick’s friend and our Programming professor, went to Yellow Cab.  We split the bill and the pizza, of course! I got the chance to get to know them better. I have only known Nikki, Shekinah, Hannah and Patrick pretty much because we attend 4 out of 7 classes this semester together. Sharing opinions and cracking jokes with Seamae, Lovely, Professor Bañares and Jason, who is a friend of Patrick, was a great one! We even kidded about how

NY Classic ran out so fast that it just passed our table oIMG_8599r it wasn’t served yet. It was a great day and my going to school having-one-class-for-today-where-we-did-not-do-much was indeed worth it! I was surrounded with great pizza and great people :))

photos (c)Nikki Lascano

How did your Friday go so far? Got something to share about your pizza moments? Leave a comment below :)) xx


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