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Youth Has Something to Say about the Pope’s Visit

The Filipino Catholics of all ages, especially the youth, didn’t want to miss Pope Francis’ visit in  the Philippines. During his stay, everyone wanted a chance to see him, of course! These were some of the youth’s reasons on why did they need to see Pope Francis personally:

“I think, my faith is strong. Sometimes there are problems that weaken us. So I just need to see him, to boost.”
-Jayelle Vinluan, Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

“Satisfaction… It is on the person on how you live up to be blessed, the pope is just a symbol.”
-Joseph Suanino, Far Eastern University Makati

“It is because [of] the presence of God and the Holy Spirit
-Bianca Dionisio, Lyceum of the Philippines

“There is no specific reason, ‘cause my heart tells me to do so
Nathaniel Cuares, Far Eastern University Makati

“Because we know that he is the holy pope. He is a disciple of God that spreads the good news to us. It’s heartwarming because your tiredness will fade when you see him and you will truly feel blessed.”

“To strengthen my faith. ‘We are all God’s children. This is who we are. This is our identity. –Pope Francis’ ”
Angela Baladad, Far Eastern University Makati

“It’s not really a necessity seeing the Pope, but I think that his presence brings so much impact, especially on us, Filipinos, who are more of “symbolism” people. Likewise, his words and his deeds serve as a mark of a living God for us. He was like God’s body here on Earth telling us and making us feel his love. Finally and most importantly, his simple smile brings not only inspiration, but a stronger faith with ourselves and with God.”
-Maricris Silvala, University of the East Manila

It isn’t enough to just see the pope up-close, the visit was way more meaningful if he left a mark within our hearts. He taught the youth different experiences and lessons to keep. Here’s what some had said:

It darted my heart when he shared one big message of sharing at MOA Arena. “If you lose your capacity to dream, you lose your capacity to love.” He mentioned that “To always pray as a family at give importance to the Sacraments”… “Family” is a big word, and families are the foundation of our society. It’s a wakeup call for us youth, we are again called and reminded that we have a mission, which is LOVE. At the Youth Encounter, his two main points are just wow! First, “To learn how to love.” Second, “To learn how to be loved.” And I felt so blessed, not just ’cause we saw him and heard his voice, even if it is just TV or radio. I was moved by His presence and his  smile :)))) He is truly a man of Mercy and Compassion. There’s the “fire sa heart”. Then themillions of people who participated throughout his stay here Philippines. The people were all united.”
-Crisel Lusterio, Far Eastern University Makati

“I’ve come to realize that the most priceless moments of our lives are the times we need our patience most
-Nicole Patriarca, Assumption College

“One word: Humility
-Patricia Barba, Far Eastern University Makati

“I learned that despite of all the circumstances and sufferings that people face, their faith will always be dominant. I saw a lot of people crying and screaming in joy after the pope passed them. I think through Pope Francis, people can see Jesus in him that makes them live and fight.”
-Vianca Cordova, De La Salle College of Saint Benilde

“It was a great experience, even though you can see that people were losing patience that they did not give way to others, they said harsh words to each other and you came to think it is as if that they did not go there for his “Holiness” but in the end  when the pope is already there standing in front of you, you thought that maybe we are all just soooo eager to see him closely, that not all are the same in dealing with lots of people, that all we have to do is understand the people around us and that they need to see the pope for them to change their hearts… We all just have to be open and look within each other… There was a woman who talked about Physics: “No matter can occupy two spaces at a time”… There will always be people around us who will not be agreeing with you. But when I saw him leave, the phrase that I muttered is “Thank you po”. He really united all of us. He opened the hearts, not just of the Catholics, but of the other religions as well
-Jeanne Ulanday, University of Santo Tomas

“That to think , to feel and to do is harmoniously”  -Prince Ariola, Far Eastern University Makati

“I realized that the faith of the Filipinos is so indestructible… Our faith would always win. Faith made millions of people unite. Nothing or no one can hinder one’s love for God. I thought that it’s just God who can love unconditionally but this Papal visit proved me wrong. Humans can do that as well. And also the simplicity of the pope… But this must be the real message for everyone… we must remember that some things cannot be bought, it’s just out there and we shouldn’t be afraid to find those things because God is with us.
-Sydney  Valdez, De La Salle University

“First, pope said that it is okay to cry. Weeping is a sign that you’ve had enough. And if you see someone cry. You give them a hug, just like what pope did. Hugging expresses love both emotional and physical contact and understanding… And to resist corruption. Corruption starts within ourselves.”
Elijah Encarnacion, Paco Catholic School 

“I definitely learned a lot from Pope Francis’ visit, but the most significant one is the importance of family as the foundation of our society… we should never get tired of having thoughts about the person we are in a relationship with, because once you do, you keep on thinking good things about him/her. It was the first time that I’ve heard nice words like these that I think would really apply to to majority of the youth, and I never expected that these would all come from our Blessed Pope. It was overwhelming. It felt like I saw a brighter direction of my relationship leading to God.
-Maricris Silvala, University of the East Manila

These are just some of the responses I got. I know that there are more, mind sharing them? Leave a comment below! As Pope Francis asked us, let us pray for him. Let’s pray for one another and include in your prayers that he will be back to teach us to live and love more like Jesus :)) xx


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