A New Beginning

I started my blog weeks ago from a certain provider. But I guess it does not suit my real purpose of writing, sharing ideas and voicing out my thoughts. I decided to make a new one. And that former blog of mine, which still carries the same name and title, will be used for re-blogging purposes. Who cannot resist adding notes to every single blog post of Taylor Swift? Raise your hands with me, people!

Anyways, I have always been in love with writing and so I love words! Words can make or break someone. When I want to say something, I make sure that they are kind. Or if I don’t get the chance to say them, I write them and say it when I got the chance. At least those words are not forgotten. But by choosing the wrong words, I may have never known the damage I caused them unless they let me know.

Just hearing a simple “hello” or “good morning” from a friend or a family member can surely make me smile. They work for you too, don’t they? But I prefer receiving simple yet sincere notes scribbled in tiny piece of paper and sticky notes! I love the idea of someone sending short messages, wow effort!, you can treasure them forever. Words are very powerful that once you let them go, you cannot get them back. Words that we utter also define who we are. So better choose kind, wise and beautiful words!

 I started my blog weeks ago from a

So this blog is my tool to voice out my love for writing and words! This is the first post and I hope you’ll read more from me :) xx


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